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Free 3rd/4th/5th Night at 32 Park Hyatt Hotels Worldwide

park hyatt 3rd 4th 5th night free promotion free night summer 2019

Thanks to our fellow blogger Mark at Miles to Memories for alerting us to this interesting new Park Hyatt deal – a new promotion for 3rd, 4th or 5th night free at 32 participating Park Hyatt hotels across the world.

In this deal, 13 Park Hyatts are offering a 3rd night free, 15 offer a 4th night free, and 4 offer 5th night free. Here’s a link to the landing page for the promotion as well as the complete list of participating hotels:

Here are a few important features of this offer:

  • These are pre-paid, non-refundable rates (“Prepayment is required and nonrefundable.”)
  • There doesn’t seem to be a specific promotion code for this offer; the rates should simply show up when you search for stays at the participating Park Hyatt hotels
  • The base rates for this promo are higher than other available rates
    • This means that the net result is not truly a “free night” against a pre-paid rate with comparable terms
    • For example, a 4th-night-free offer may represent a 25% discount against the Standard Rate (or some other rate that Hyatt uses in connection with this promo), but only a 10-15% discount compared to a lower pre-paid/member/AAA/corporate rate
  • The terms & conditions say that “World of Hyatt® Base Points and Tier-Qualifying Night credits will not be awarded for the free night (if applicable)”
    • With respect to Hyatt base points, this makes sense. Hyatt base points are awarded as 5x on base rate spend, and for the free night, the base rate would be zero
    • We wonder, however, if you truly wouldn’t receive an elite qualifying night for your free night. Our best guess is that the free night probably would count as an elite qualifying night despite this language – but beware of this fine print in the terms & conditions.
  • We’re not sure about the end date for this promotion. The terms & conditions do not specify an end date. It appears to vary by property. In response to the Miles to Memories article, commenter Rick said that the Park Hyatt Siem Reap promotion appeared to run out in mid-August. We found promotional dates at the Park Hyatt Washington DC through late September.

Testing Out the Park Hyatt Free Night Offer

Park Hyatt Hamburg – July 13-16

We first tested the Park Hyatt free night offer at the Park Hyatt Hamburg, for the nights of July 13-16, 2019. Indeed, the free night offer results in savings compared to the next best alternative. The average daily rate using the free night offer is 170 Euros; the next-best rate is an Advance Purchase rate at 206 Euros per night.

Rates for Park Hyatt Hamburg, July 13-16, 2019

In this instance, the savings using the free night offer would be 17.5% compared to the next-best rate. Not exactly a “free 3rd night” – which would imply a 33.3% discount – but not a bad deal either.

But wait a minute. The Advance Purchase rate is 206; the Member Rate is 217; and the Standard Rate is 229. The free night offer of 170 Euros per night isn’t one-third off of any of these numbers; rather, it’s one-third off of 255 Euros per night. So what supposed “rate” is Hyatt using to determine the 3rd-night-free rate? We don’t know. And this does not leave a good taste in our mouth – that Hyatt is using a made-up rate of 255 Euros per night in connection with the “free” night offer.

Here’s a screenshot that shows that Hyatt is indeed using a rate of 255 Euros for the “free” night offer:

The night-by-night pricing breakdown confirms that Hyatt is using a rate of
255 Euros per night in connection with the “free” night offer.

Conclusion: Still a solid deal if you don’t mind the “prepaid and nonrefundable” limitations – but rather deceptive.

And a strange side point: If you change this same search to 1 guest in the room rather than 2, the room rate drops pretty dramatically. The “free night” rate using 1 guest instead of 2 drops by 26 Euros per night – from an average daily rate of 170 Euros down to 144 Euros. That’s 15.3% less! The other rates also drop, but not by nearly so much. We’re not quite sure what’s going on here – but if you’re a solo traveler, this is a stroke of good fortune.

Changing from 2 guests to 1 drops the “free night” room rate by 26 Euros per night!

Park Hyatt Washington DC – July 13-17

For our next example, we chose a US hotel that has a 4th night free (rather than 3rd), to get a little variety. We used a 4-night stay for July 13-17, 2019. Again, the free night offer results in savings compared to the next best alternative. The average daily rate using the free night offer is $300; the next-best rates are the AAA rate (cancellable, and no pre-payment) at $360 per night, and then an Advance Purchase rate at $370 per night.

This situation is pretty similar to that with the Park Hyatt Hamburg that we discussed above. Here, the savings using the free night offer would be 16.7% compared to the next-best rate (although that rate is cancellable with no pre-payment – big difference!). Again, not really a “free 4th night” – but on the other hand it’s the best deal available.

Unlike the Park Hyatt Hamburg example, Hyatt is actually using the “Standard Rate” in connection with the “free night” offer – in this case, $399/night, as you can see here.

Conclusion: This “4th night free” deal is the best available rate for the Park Hyatt Washington DC, by a decent amount, if you can live with the “prepaid and nonrefundable” limitations.

These “Free Night” Deals Apply to All Available Room Types, Including Suites

We also tested whether this “free night” promotion applied to all types of rooms, including suites – and in general, yes, it does.

Here’s an example from the Park Hyatt Washington DC, again using our July 13-17 dates:

The “4th night free” offer applies to suites, including this 940 square foot
Park Executive Suite at the Park Hyatt DC

Stacking with the Citi Prestige 4th-Night-Free Benefit

As a publicly-available deal, this promotion should stack nicely with the Citi Prestige 4th-night-free (4NF) benefit – but you must make your reservation by calling the Citi Aspire Concierge (561-922-0158). Remember that Citi will remove the ability to book through the Concierge as of 8/31/2019; at that point, the opportunity to use 4NF with this Park Hyatt promo rate will end.

Recall that Citi, in applying the 4NF benefit, takes the average room rate for your stay, and the 4NF benefit is for the amount of that average room rate (excluding all taxes and fees). Checking back to our Park Hyatt Washington DC examples:

  • For the standard King Room, the average room rate for our 4-night stay (with the promo applied) is $299.25 ($1,197 divided by 4). That would be the amount of your 4NF benefit, thereby reducing the net cost of the room from $1,375.95 to $1,076.70, all-in.
    • That comes out to $269.18 per night on average
  • In the Park Executive Suite example, the average room rate for the 4-night stay (with the promo applied) is $449.25 ($1,797 divided by 4). Again, that would be the amount of your 4NF benefit, thereby reducing the net cost of the room from $2,065.65 to $1,616.40, all-in.
    • This results in a per-night average of $404.10 for that very nice-looking suite

We hope we’ve helped you understand this new and potentially money-saving offer at 32 high-end Park Hyatt hotels across the world. Hopefully you can save some money on some very nice accommodations at participating Park Hyatts over the next few months!

Do you have other data points, insights or strategies for the Park Hyatt “free night” promotion? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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6 thoughts on “Free 3rd/4th/5th Night at 32 Park Hyatt Hotels Worldwide

  1. HS

    Very useful article — appreciate the peak under the hood regarding which prices are which, and when. FWIW, PH Washington can be great value for money — when Amex FHR still worked, with Blue Duck Tavern in house it was a great combo.

    Just checked out of a (different) Park Hyatt this afternoon. There are far, far worse places in this world in which to spend one’s time…

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi HS – Thanks for the comment and the good call-out on the PH Washington. I used that one as the example because (a) it’s a place I’ve been wanting to stay at some point; and (b) DC is top-of-mind as I’m looking out my window at the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City across into DC at the moment (our son is getting married later this afternoon).

      Hope you had a great PH stay, wherever your world travels have taken you this week. Have a great weekend! ~Craig

      1. HS

        Most important: Congratulations on the wedding!

        As for the Park Hyatt Washington, when FHR was working — not saying it’s not working now, just that it got to the point for me where it was available so seldom that I stopped using it — and I wasn’t a Hyatt Globalist, I was finding that FHR rates were only $0-25 more than the basic Hyatt rate. On a one night stay, that got you $75-100 off of dinner at a fun one-star Michelin restaurant and b’fast for two the next day at that same restaurant (make sure to try the eggs, biscuit, and hash — even better than at Hardee’s). Plus a respectable upgrade.

        1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

          Hi HS – First, apologies for the delayed response. We’ve covered a lot of ground since Saturday. Wedding that evening, then DCA-DFW on Sunday, then DFW-SEA yesterday, complete with a 4.5-hour “mechanical” delay in which we may or may not have been caught in the crossfire of the ongoing battle between AA and its Mechanics Union.

          Next, many thanks for the congratulations on the wedding! Everything went well, and the happy couple is now off mini-mooning before they load up all their worldly possessions and move from DC to Dallas next weekend.

          And finally – Brilliant thoughts on the Park Hyatt DC. I’m going to write an article about this, with full credit to you. This would make for a great weekend in DC. Unfortunately for us, our best reason to visit DC just went away, per the paragraph above about son and daughter-in-law moving to Texas!

          Have a great week, wherever in the world you may be at the moment! ~Craig

  2. Stephen

    With the Hamburg pricing, it looks like the surcharge for the second person is $26 which is the differential between the 229 standard rate and the 255 mystery rate – I wonder if that has something to do with it?

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hey Stephen – Thanks for stopping by, and I hope your adventures across America are continuing to treat you well. Interesting observation and coincidence on the $26 differentials. It doesn’t seem to me like those two $26 differentials would be related, but who knows? I’m still moderately cheesed that Hyatt is using a higher rate to calculate the so-called “free night” rate.

      Thanks again for the comment, and have a great weekend! ~Craig

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