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A Very Bad Look for American Airlines Vacations

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There have been two very recent tragedies at the Grand Bahia Principe Hotel & Resort in La Romana, Dominican Republic, resulting in the unexplained deaths of three Americans:

  • On May 25, a 41-year-old Pennsylvania woman died in her room within hours of checking in with her husband to celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary.
  • On May 30, a Maryland couple aged 63 and 49 (who had also checked in on May 25) was found dead in their hotel room. An autopsy determined that each of them died of respiratory failure and pulmonary edema, an abnormal buildup of fluid in the lungs.

Each tragic death remains an unexplained mystery at this time. For more information on this heartbreaking and troublesome story, see this article from CNN, where we learned most of what we know about it:

On the morning of Saturday, June 1, 2 days after the Maryland couple was found dead and within a week of the Pennsylvania woman’s passing, I received the following email from American Airlines Vacations:

AA vacations is offering me 15,000 AA bonus miles to book a vacation at the Bahia Principe Dominican Republic – the very same hotel where 3 people just died under mysterious, unsolved circumstances.

No, thank you.

Does anyone pay attention to this stuff???

Needless to say, this is a terrible look for AA Vacations. At this point, 5 days have passed since we received the promotional email, and we’ve seen nothing more from AA Vacations on it. At the very least, a heartfelt apology for the tone deafness and very unfortunate timing of the email would be very much in order.

And it gets worse – the Bahia Principe promotion is still advertised on the AA Vacations home page (the home page says the bonus offer is for 10,000 miles, but when you click through, the next page says the offer is 15,000 miles as offered in the email, for a limited time):

Screenshot from AA Vacations home page, taken 6/5/19 at Noon Central time

American, please take this down. Thank you.

(We’ll tweet this article to @AmericanAir to make sure they know about it. We don’t see a separate Twitter address for AA Vacations.)

What do you think about this situation? Please let us know in the Comments.

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