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New Amex Offer for Marriott – Plus a Review of All Current Amex Offers to Save Money at Hotels

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Middle Age Miles recently used 2 Amex Offers for Marriott hotels to save at the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City near Washington DC!

Today saw the return of a fantastic Amex Offer for Marriott hotels – $40 statement credit when you spend $200 or more at a Marriott Bonvoy property. We wanted to be sure to highlight this great and highly usable Offer, plus it’s been a while since we’ve done a comprehensive review of Amex Offers for hotels, so we wanted to get you all caught up on how you can use Amex Offers to save money at hotels this summer. We’re seeing no less than 15 Amex Offers for hotels right now, so there are lots of opportunities to save!

If you’re not familiar with Amex Offers, check out our Resource article about them here:

1 – New Marriott Bonvoy Offer

As we mentioned, the new Marriott Bonvoy Offer is for a $40 statement credit when you spend $200. The Offer expires on 9/3/2019, so it’s available to you all the way through Labor Day weekend.

amex offer marriott
Middle Age Miles recently used a similar Marriott Amex Offer to save at the Residence Inn Seattle University District [image courtesy Marriott/Residence Inn]

The key restriction on this Marriott Amex Offer is that it’s valid only at Marriott Bonvoy properties in the US and US territories. Reservations must be made direct with Marriott, either online, via the app, or by calling. (And remember, you can earn extra points, miles or cash back by accessing the Marriott website through a shopping portal.) The Offer excludes Marriott Vacation Club, Design Hotels (only a few in the US), Protea Hotels (none in the US anyway), and Marriott Executive Apartments.

On their face, the terms and conditions of the Offer exclude gift card purchases. However, our experience has consistently been that a physical gift card purchased at the front desk of a Marriott hotel will trigger the Offer.

This Offer appears to be very widely targeted and available on all Amex cards other than non-Marriott co-branded hotel cards. If you hold a Marriott co-branded Amex card, that’s definitely the card you’ll want to choose for adding the Offer. However, if you’re not seeing the Offer on a card where you want to add it, you can use this link – Direct Link to Amex Offer for Marriott Hotels. Click “Add to Card,” then enter your card details. If you get the message that says to Please Enroll on AmericanExpress.com, go ahead and click the “Go to your account” button. This will take you to a login page. Log in to the online account of the card where you want to add the Offer, and you should then be able to do so.

2/3/4/5 – Amex Offers for Hilton-Family Hotels

We found 4 currently-active Amex Offers for Hilton-family hotels. 3 of these 4 offers expire soon – June 30 – so take advantage of them soon if you can! Hopefully we’ll see replacements for these Offers soon after they expire at the end of this month. Thankfully, Amex and Hilton have been very good recently at having several Amex Offers for Hilton hotels alive at any given time.

2 – Waldorf Astoria & Conrad – $100 statement credit when you spend $500 (expires 6/30/2019)

amex offer waldorf astoria conrad

3 – Hilton Garden Inn – $30 statement credit when you spend $175 (expires 6/30/2019)

amex offer hilton garden inn

4 – Hilton brand hotels in Hawaii – $200 statement credit when you spend $1,000 (expires 6/30/2019)

amex offer hilton hawaii

5 – Hilton brand hotels in Europe – $100 statement credit when you spend $500 (expires 9/30/2019)

amex offer hilton europe

This Offer is available only at specified participating properties in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK (I like how they go with the full name – “the United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland” – although technically it’s actually “Northern” Ireland):

Fortunately, there are many, many participating properties in these countries. To view the full list, use this link:

For the 3 Offers that expire on 6/30/2019, we covered the terms and potential strategies to maximize these Offers at length in an earlier post. We’ll link to this article instead of repeating it here, especially since there’s only a limited amount of time left on those offers:

This previous article covered the following topics:

  • General Terms, Observations & Point-Earning
  • Which Amex Cards Should I Use?
  • Stacking Opportunity in Hawaii
  • Stacking Opportunity – 2 People with Amex Offers
  • Will These Offers Work on Amex FHR Bookings?

We’re also intrigued by the new Amex Offer for Hilton brand hotels in Europe. We’ll be vacationing in Switzerland and France next month, and as a trip-ending treat, we were able to book a night at the lovely-looking Waldorf Astoria Versailles Trianon Palace, which is right next door to the Palace of Versailles and its surrounding gardens. We booked our room using a Hilton Free Weekend Night Certificate. But we also might like to make our treat even more special by dining at the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Gordon Ramsay au Trianon. We’ve added this Offer to our new upgraded Aspire card, which also has a $250 resort credit waiting for a good use. If our meal costs $500 (hardly a stretch there), we’ll get the $250 resort credit plus $100 back on this Offer, bring our net out-of-pocket cost down to $150. We’d also be earning Hilton points by charging the meal to our room and paying with our Aspire (roughly $100 worth of points). This sounds like an incredible opportunity to experience something we’d never do otherwise!

6/7/8 – Amex Offers for Other Hotel Chains – Omni, Hyatt (Hyatt Place & Hyatt House) & Four Seasons

We also found 3 valuable Amex Offers for chain hotels that extend all the way through the end of summer and slightly beyond.

6 – Omni Hotels & Resorts – $50 statement credit when you spend $250 (expires 9/9/2019)

amex offer omni hotels

The Omni Offer is valid in the US, Canada & Mexico. You must book directly with Omni.

7 – Four Seasons – 15,000 Membership Rewards (MR) points when you spend $750 (expires 9/16/2019)

amex offer four seasons

The Four Seasons Amex Offer seems to be highly targeted. We had it on only 1 of our many Amex cards – an Amex Gold personal card. We’re not sure whether there is also a statement credit version of this Offer.

The Four Seasons Offer is valid in the US, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Anguilla, St. Kitts & Nevis, and the Bahamas. Interestingly, it’s valid not only at Four Seasons hotels, but also at the Four Seasons Private Retreats Collection of luxury home rentals (in all of the same countries except for the Bahamas). You must book directly with Four Seasons.

8 – Hyatt Place & Hyatt House – $75 statement credit when you spend $250 (expires 10/3/2019)

amex offer hyatt place hyatt house

Needless to say, this is an incredibly valuable offer for Hyatt Place & Hyatt House properties that allows you to save as much as 30% on your stays there. If you have organic stays where you can decrease your cost, this Offer is perfect. It also got us thinking about situations where you may need to mattress-run a few Hyatt nights to reach Globalist status, a topic we examined at length a few months ago in How to Manufacture Elite Nights with Hyatt – Options and Costs (2/27/2019) (see especially section #2 about manufacturing elite nights using paid rates).

9/10/11 – Vegas Baby! Amex Offers for MGM & Caesars Properties

Next up, we have 3 Offers that can save you money in Vegas – 2 for MGM/MLife properties, and 1 that’s good at Caesars properties. Note that the MGM Offers don’t overlap – the Offer that requires $500 spend covers higher-end properties, and the Offer that only requires $300 spend is valid only at lower-end MGM hotels. We’ve found MR-earning and statement credit versions of each of these Offers, and the MGM Offers even allowed us to add one of each type to different cards.

9 – MGM Resorts – $100 statement credit / 10,000 MR points when you spend $500 (expires 8/29/2019)

Valid at: Bellagio, Aria, Vdara, MGM Grand, The Signature at MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Delano Las Vegas, Park MGM, NoMad Las Vegas, and The Mirage.

amex offer mgm vegas

10 – MGM Resorts – $60 statement credit / 6,000 MR points when you spend $300 (expires 8/29/2019)

Valid at: New York New York, Luxor, and Excalibur in Las Vegas (also Beau Rivage, Gold Strike, Borgata, MGM National Harbor and MGM Springfield)

11 – Caesars Entertainment – $40 statement credit / 4,000 MR points when you spend $200 (expires 9/3/2019)

amex offer caesars vegas

We were thrilled to get these Offers. We love saving money on hotels in Vegas! We’re actually going to use 2 of them. First, we have a stay at a Caesars property where we found an incredible sale rate on a 700-square-foot Petite Suite. We’ll use our Caesars Rewards Diamond status to save money through its “no resort fees” benefit, and then we’ll use at least 2 Amex cards with this Offer loaded to reduce our costs even further. Second, we have a partial-mattress-run booked at the Park MGM during the same trip. This one is an epic stack that will get us one actual hotel night that we need, plus score Hyatt elite nights and food & beverage credits. The piece-by-piece breakdown on this one is worthy of an article of its own, which we’ll publish soon!

12/13/14 – Amex Offers for Individual Hotels in Florida

There are 3 other current Amex Offers that are valid only at individual hotels in Florida. Obviously, the use case for these Offers is very specific, but we wanted to make sure you’re aware of them as the properties seem appealing.

12 – Rosen Shingle Creek (Orlando) – $100 statement credit when you spend $500 (expires 7/25/2019)

Rosen Shingle Creek is a beautiful-looking hotel southwest of downtown Orlando (toward Disney and roughly near Universal). It overlooks the Shingle Creek Golf Club and appears to be a golf-centric property.

Rosen Shingle Creek advertises “no resort fees” and free Wi-Fi in guestrooms, both of which we appreciate.

Rosen Shingle Creek is a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts and participates in the iPrefer loyalty program, which adds a “points” element – and possibly elite benefits – that you can stack with the Amex Offer.

13 – Fontainebleau Miami Beach – $50 statement credit when you spend $250 (expires 8/31/2019)

14 – Caribe Royale Orlando – $50 statement credit when you spend $250 (expires 9/18/2019)

15 – Offer for HotelStorm.com – A Priceline Company

Finally, we have an Amex Offer for HotelStorm.com – a Priceline company – $75 statement credit when you spend $300 (expires 9/20/2019). This Offer may be limited to Amex Business cards.

amex offer hotelstorm hotel storm priceline

Note that HotelStorm.com is a special case because it is a third party booking service. You should not expect to earn loyalty program points or receive elite benefits if you book through HotelStorm.com. In addition, their rates may not be as good as you can get by booking direct. In other words, this is potentially useful in some circumstances, but be careful with it.

There is no limitation in the terms and conditions about the geographic location of the hotel property you book through HotelStorm.com. Thus, by all accounts, it appears that this Offer would be open for hotels worldwide.

We hope that you’ve found this article helpful to remind you about current Amex Offers that might save you money on hotels and help you think about how to stack deals to maximize them. Best of luck for getting a great deal on a fun stay on your upcoming travels!

Will you use any of these Offers? Do you have any creative ideas on how to stack them for even more savings? Please let us know in the Comments!

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