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Earn 3x British Airways Avios by Booking Your Airbnb Through the New BA-Airbnb Portal

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View from Middle Age Miles’ recent Airbnb rental in Positano (Amalfi Coast), Italy

Introduction & Basics of the Deal

We have some really good news to share for points-and-miles enthusiasts who book Airbnb rentals – there’s a new British Airways-Airbnb partnership that allows you to earn 3x BA Avios per dollar for your Airbnb bookings!

Background & Quick Analysis

A few weeks ago, we posted a detailed article on how to earn the most points/miles/cashback when booking Airbnb rentals:

in that article, we detailed the steps to take to get the best returns on Airbnb. One of the steps is to click through to the Airbnb website from a special portal to earn miles. Historically, the best portal return for almost all US residents has been to use the Delta-Airbnb partnership. The Delta-Airbnb portal gives you 1 Delta SkyMile per dollar on your Airbnb rentals. At our baseline value of 1.2 cents per SkyMile, using the portal would give you a miles rebate worth about 1.2% of your base Airbnb rate.

The new BA-Airbnb portal is significantly better than Delta-Airbnb. By clicking through to the Airbnb website from the BA-Airbnb portal, you can earn 3 Avios per dollar spent on your base Airbnb rate. We also give BA Avios a baseline value of 1.2 cents, so using the BA-Airbnb portal would give you a miles rebate worth about 3.6%. That’s best-in-class earning for Airbnb portal rates, by far!

Be sure to work through our earlier article to make sure you get the best returns for your Airbnb booking. We’re updating it to show that the BA-Airbnb partnership now has the best-in-class portal, instead of Delta.

The BA-Airbnb portal also has a bonus of 500 Avios if you haven’t used Airbnb before. At our baseline value of 1.2 cents per Avio, that bonus would be worth about $6. However, you can probably do better. Historically, Airbnb has offered higher first-time booker bonuses through referral links. The current offer for first-time bookers using a referral link is:

  • Get $40 off a home booking of $75 or more; plus
  • Get $15 off an “Airbnb experience” of $50 or more (these are things like guided tours or skip-the-line entry passes, which you might ordinarily purchase through Viator/Trip Advisor or Expedia)

As you can see, that’s a far better offer than 500 Avios. If you don’t already have a referral from a significant other or close friend, we’d appreciate it if you use our Airbnb referral link:

Relevant Link

Here’s a link to the BA-Airbnb portal:

Full Terms & Conditions

Most of the terms & conditions to earn 3x Avios with the BA-Airbnb partnership are what you’d expect:

  • You must click through from the BA-Airbnb portal
  • You must enter your BA Executive Club number
  • The membership number must match the person making the booking
  • You must actually complete the stay

In addition, note that you must have cookies enabled in your browser and complete your Airbnb booking in the same session that you clicked through from the portal. Again, this is a pretty standard condition when you use any shopping portal.

There’s one term, though, that caught our attention:

  • The rates for bookings via [the BA-Airbnb portal] may differ from regular bookings with the same conditions on airbnb.com.

We haven’t tested this to see if there are widespread price differences between rental prices through the BA-Airbnb portal vs directly through airbnb.com. But this could make a huge difference – even a slightly higher booking rate would overwhelm the benefit you’d get from 3x Avios earning (3.6% miles rebate). So, be sure to compare rental rates between the portal and direct Airbnb booking to make sure you’re not paying a higher rate!

Here are the full terms & conditions:

Earn BA Avios as a First-Time Airbnb Host

The BA-Airbnb portal also includes an opportunity to earn 8,000 BA Avios by signing up as an Airbnb host and hosting your first guest.

Don’t use the BA-Airbnb portal for this! There’s a much better opportunity out there to earn BA Avios as a first-time Airbnb host.

If you go the regular BA Executive Club shopping portal, log in, and then search for Airbnb, there’s an opportunity to earn 30,000 BA Avios as a first-time Airbnb host. Obviously, that’s a much, much better deal than using the BA-Airbnb portal for 8k Avios.

Frequent Miler has all the details on the 30k Avios bonus for first-time Airbnb hosts here:

Hat Tip to One Mile At A Time, where we first saw the news of the BA-Airbnb portal.

What do you think of the new BA-Airbnb partnership and portal for 3x Avios on Airbnb bookings? Have you tested the rates to see if they’re at least as good as those when booking direct at airbnb.com? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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