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Mattress Running for Hyatt Elite Qualifying Nights in Vegas – or Simply Staying for Less!

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Park MGM, Las Vegas


Middle Age Miles is in the midst of Going for Globalist in 2019 with Hyatt. Globalist status requires 60 elite qualifying nights with Hyatt (55 if you’re renewing the status this year), and the opportunities to manufacture elite nights that don’t involve actual hotel nights are pretty slim (unless you can spend big money on the Chase World of Hyatt credit card – but that comes with its own opportunity cost).

Top-tier Globalist status comes with benefits like 4 confirmed suite upgrades per year of up to 7 nights each, other suite upgrades based on availability, and lounge access. So even though it’s a challenge to earn, the upside can be quite nice. Under those circumstances, it could be worth it to “manufacture” elite qualifying nights with Hyatt to reach Globalist status.

We previously analyzed potential methods for “manufacturing” Hyatt elite nights in this article:

This article will focus on manufacturing elite nights by “staying” at MGM properties in Las Vegas. By virtue of a MGM-Hyatt partnership, stays at MGM/MLife hotels earn elite qualifying nights at Hyatt. We’ll focus on a specific Vegas mattress run we’re completing now, for illustrative purposes and to get your creative juices flowing. But the process we outline here can apply much more broadly, if right deal pieces fall into place.

And in addition, the techniques we use and break down here can simply help you save money on staying in Las Vegas! You don’t have to be “manufacturing” Hyatt nights; you can straight-up save a bunch on a Vegas vacation by using these strategies.

Our Personal Circumstances and Planning Our Trip to Vegas

Given that we’re almost halfway through the year, we have pretty good visibility on our hotel stays for the rest of 2019. It’s pretty clear to us that, organically, we would fall a few nights short of 60 Hyatt nights for the year. But we’ll be close. We already had 30 elite nights as of early June, although 11 of those came via holding and spending on the Chase World of Hyatt credit card. Our best guess at total organic nights for the year would be in the low to mid-50’s.

Thus, we could use a few extra Hyatt elite night credits, especially if they can be “manufactured” without much effort or expense. And even if we have more nights later in the year that we don’t currently expect, it would be helpful to us to roll those nights over to Marriott to perhaps re-qualify for Titanium status there. So, we’re always on the lookout for inexpensive ways to pick up extra Hyatt nights.

In this particular case, we were planning a trip to Las Vegas for Wednesday, June 19, through Sunday, June 23 (4 nights). We decided to add an extra night onto the end of the trip , so that we could go to an event on the night of the 23rd. And that – along with some other factors that we’ll discuss momentarily – opened up an opportunity for a clever “mattress run” plan that would end up generating 4 Hyatt elite qualifying nights that will be extremely valuable in our quest to reach 60 nights for Globalist status.

The Deal, and the Pieces That Came Together for Our Mattress Run & Great Deal

Several factors fell into place that created a great opportunity for a Vegas “mattress run” and great deal at the Park MGM:

  • In early June, we received an Amex Offer on several of our cards – get 10,000 Membership Rewards points when we spend $500+ at certain MGM properties in Las Vegas
    • There is also a corresponding Amex Offer for a $100 statement credit when you spend $500+
    • And there is an Amex Offer for $6k MR or $60 statement credit when you spend $300+ at a different set of lower-end MGM properties
    • But here we’ll focus on the $500/10k Offer, as it was the one we used
    • Note that we had loaded this particular offer on a Blue Business Plus card, which earns 2x MR points per dollar
  • Next, at almost the same time the Amex Offer appeared in early June, MGM came out with a “Semi-Annual Sale” offer – discounted rates plus a food & beverage benefit at the MGM properties in Vegas, for stays of 2 nights or longer
    • For most of the MGM properties, the food & beverage benefit was for 2 buffets per night – this wouldn’t have been that useful for us
    • But for Park MGM and NoMad, the benefit was a food & beverage credit – $100 at Park MGM; $150 at NoMad
    • Park MGM was the easy choice here for purposes of “manufacturing” elite nights, because rates were notably lower at Park MGM than NoMad, more than offsetting the higher F&B credit at NoMad
    • In addition, the F&B credits were relatively easy to use – they applied at more than 300 food & beverage outlets across the dozen or so MGM Las Vegas hotels
  • And, as it turned out, we would actually need a place to stay on the night of Sunday, June 23. We had used a Hilton Free Weekend Night certificate to book the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas for the night of Saturday, June 22, which otherwise would have been quite expensive. But there wasn’t any particular reason why we needed to stay at the Waldorf on Sunday night using either a paid rate or points (around $300 all-in, or 80,000 Hilton points.

Options at the Park MGM

When we looked at the “Semi-Annual Sale” rate for the Park MGM, here’s what we saw:

Remember, there’s a resort fee of $37/night at the Park MGM, plus taxes of 13.38% on the room rate and resort fee.

So, if we booked a 2-night stay for the nights of June 19-20 and again for June 23-24, the all-in cost would total $490.73 – almost enough to trigger the Amex Offer. We’d just need to charge an additional $10 to the room at some point in order to get the spend up to $500 total.

Here are our actual room confirmations, showing the all-in costs:

What Points and Other Benefits Would We Earn from These Stays?

The timing here would work out fine for us. We could go by the Park MGM after we arrived on the night of Wed 6/19 to check in for the first stay, then we could check in again on the afternoon of Sun 6/23. We’d be leaving on Mon 6/24, but it shouldn’t cause any issue for our “stay” to continue through that night. We could check out through the MGM Resorts app, or we could just not do anything and let our card automatically be charged for this second stay.

In the scenario we’ve laid out here, we’d spend $500.

When we did that, we’d end up with the following benefits:

  • 10,000 MR points from the Amex Offer
    • At our baseline value of 1.5 cents per MR point, that’s a points rebate worth about $150
  • 1,000 MR points from putting the spend on our Amex Blue Business Plus card
    • At 1.5 cents per MR point, that’s worth about $15
  • A $100 F&B credit to be used during our Wed/Thurs night stay
    • Again, we could use these credits pretty easily organically – there are many options at many MGM hotels on the Strip, and there are plenty that we like
  • Another $100 F&B credit to be used during our Sun/Mon night stay
  • At least 4,752 World of Hyatt points
    • The calculation is $432 in room rates & resort fees * 11 Hyatt points/dollar (5x base + 5x bonus points from the promo + 1x Explorist bonus)
    • At our baseline value of 1.5 cents per Hyatt point, that’s a points rebate worth about $71
  • 4 Hyatt elite qualifying nights
  • At least 10,800 MLife tier credits
    • The calculation is $432 in room rates & resort fees * 25 MLife tier points/dollar
    • This has no direct monetary value, but the points could help push you into a higher MLife elite tier (and perhaps also to a higher World of Hyatt elite tier when you link your MLife & World of Hyatt accounts to match status)

All in all, that’s at least $421 in points rebates coming back on $500 in spend – “net cost” of $79 if you want to look at it that way. Plus, we’d get a hotel for a night that we actually needed on Sun 6/23 – a night that would have cost us $150 if we stayed at the Park MGM anyway (before counting points rebates), and more if we’d stayed elsewhere. And, we’d score the valuable 4 Hyatt elite qualifying nights.

That’s an absolutely great “mattress run” to generate Hyatt elite nights if you ask us!

How Can You Duplicate This?

At the moment, this exact deal can be duplicated for the next 2 days (through Wed 6/26/19), as the MGM “Semi-Annual Sale” is still available until then. To access the Semi-Annual Sale for Park MGM, go to the MGM/Mlife or Park MGM booking site and use the following offer Code: ZSAS196. You must book by 6/26/2019, but the offer is good for stays through 12/28/2019.

To make sure you receive these good MGM sale offers, be sure you’re signed up for an account with MLife. (We believe that enrolling in MLife is sufficient for you to receive the promotional offers via email, but be sure to double-check to make sure you haven’t opted out.)

The MGM-Hyatt promo we used is good through 7/31/2019 (remember, you must register for the promotion before your stay). And the Amex Offer we used is valid through 8/29/2019.

Beyond that, MGM often runs sales, so keep your eyes open for a sale that includes food & beverage credits. It may also be possible to work a similar deal using cheap nights at the Park MGM booked through the Chase LHRC program, which include food & beverage credits.

It may also be possible to score nice mattress runs to generate Hyatt elite nights at other MGM properties. Inexpensive properties like Excalibur and Luxor may work well, especially if there’s a F&B credit attached to the rate. There may be opportunities at higher-end MGM properties, too. But the Park MGM seems to us to be the sweet spot for this kind of mattress run. The Luxor and Excalibur have cheaper rates, but it’s harder to find good rates with good F&B credits. Plus, the resort fee is high in proportion to the base rate, making the lower rates not so cheap after all. And the MGM properties that are “nicer” than Park MGM generally have higher room rates that make the out-of-pocket spend too high for mattress runs, without sufficiently higher benefits in return.

Couldn’t You Actually Just Stay at the Park MGM?

Sure, that would work, too, if it fits your Vegas style. We’ll have a larger review later, but we’ll say a few words here. The Park MGM is solid. It has been completely renovated within the last 2 years (from previously being the Monte Carlo), so all the furnishings are relatively new. It’s clean, and it has the basics. It has a great location on the Strip, right next to the new T-Mobile Arena and near the MGM Grand, New York New York, and the City Center complex containing the Aria, Cosmopolitan, Vdara and Waldorf Astoria. Its own Park Theatre attracts top-end concerts and shows.

It’s also worth noting that the renovations are almost complete now. People who stayed at the Park MGM during the renovations were disappointed to find a lot of construction and a very incomplete selection of restaurant options. Fortunately, that time has passed – there’s a little ongoing construction on a couple of new restaurants, but for all practical purposes the hotel is fully operational, and there’s not any construction work that will disrupt your stay.

The popular Eataly complex at Park MGM Las Vegas has several good dining options, including our favorite, La Pizza e La Pasta.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article about our “mattress run” at the Park MGM in Las Vegas to “manufacture” some elite nights with Hyatt as we work our way toward Globalist status – and we’ve given you ideas on how to come up with a creative mattress run opportunity of your own if you need it somewhere along the way!

What do you think of our Vegas mattress run strategy to help qualify for Hyatt Globalist status? Have you done mattress runs in Vegas of your own? Please share your stories with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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