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New Round of Marriott Bonvoy “Exclusively For You” Offers – Check Your Account

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Marriott Bonvoy has released a new round of “Exclusively For You” promotional offers – check your account to see if you have a new offer!

My New “Exclusively For You” Offer

My new “Exclusively For You” offer is for double elite night credits from now through September 30.

Registration is required for this promotion, and stays prior to enrollment do not qualify. Only 1 room at a time qualifies for double elite night credits.

Note that the terms & conditions say that “nights spent while redeeming an award are not eligible for the Promotion.” However, we recently had an award stay at a Courtyard where we charged a little over $10 to our room, and that stay triggered a previous “Exclusively For You” bonus offer that had the same term excluding award stays. We have a stay coming up soon where we used an award certificate + cash upgrade, and it would certainly be helpful if that stay qualifies for double nights credit – fingers crossed!

Here are the full terms and conditions:

I registered for the promotion, and it immediately showed up as active in my Marriott online account.

For context, I have Titanium status with Marriott. I have 45 elite qualifying nights so far in 2019 – 15 from holding a Marriott co-branded credit card, plus 10 from a Rewarding Event, plus 20 actual hotel nights.

Interestingly, this is my second “Exclusively For You” promotion of this year. Back in February, I received an “Exclusively For You” offer where I could earn a total of 22,500 bonus Marriott points for 3 stays – 6,000 for the first stay, 7,500 for the second, and 9,000 for the third. That promotion ended at the end of last month, on 5/31/19. We were happy to learn that we could receive a new “Exclusively For You” promotion so soon after the previous offer expired.

Strategy Considerations

One important strategy consideration is when to enroll in the “Exclusively For You” offer. The offer will be good through the end of the month in which you enroll and 3 months thereafter.

I actually goofed up my registration for the new “Exclusively For You” offer. I enrolled in the offer today (6/27/19), which means that my offer will expire at the end of September (9/30/19). If I had simply waited until July 1 to enroll, my offer would have been good for an extra month, through the end of October. I was so excited to see the offer that I forgot to think it through before I enrolled! Don’t be like me – if you don’t have any qualifying stays in the last few days of June, just wait until July 1 to register for your “Exclusively For You” offer!

This offer may be very helpful to us, and it may actually cause us to shift some nights from Hyatt to Marriott during the promotional period. We’ve been trying to figure out whether we can qualify for both Hyatt Globalist and Marriott Titanium status this year. If that’s not going to be possible, our back-up plan is to get Globalist with Hyatt but settle for Platinum with Marriott. We’d pretty much resigned ourselves to that outcome. But this new offer creates new options that may again give us a shot to qualify for Globalist + Titanium.

We’ve learned from past offers that “Exclusively For You” offers stack with regular Marriott points earning, shopping portal earning, Amex Offers (like the current Amex Offer for $40 statement credit after $200+ spend), and other promotions such as Marriott’s “Endless Earning” promotion that runs from July 2 through September 16, 2019.

Philly’s “Exclusively For You” Offer

She didn’t receive a new “Exclusively For You” offer, but she’s in the middle of the time period for an earlier offer, where she can earn double Marriott points for stays that include a weekend night.

What Other Offers Have People Received in This Round?

From comments in the Marriott Insiders forum (pages 7-8 of the comments), Doctor of Credit, and One Mile at a Time, we’ve found these different individualized “Exclusively For You” offers that people have received in this round:

  • Double points for stays that include a weekend night
  • Up to 5,000 bonus points – 2,000 for the first stay that includes a weekend night, and 3,000 for the second such stay
  • 9,000 bonus points for 3 paid stays (the comments didn’t say if it’s a certain number of points after each stay, or simply 9,000 after 3 stays)
  • Stay 3 times and get a certificate for a free night up to 35,000 points – can be done twice, for a total of 2 free nights after 6 stays
  • 18,000 bonus points for 3 paid stays that include a weekend night (again, the comments didn’t say if it’s a certain number of points after each stay, or simply 18,000 after 3 qualifying stays)

How Do I Check to See If I Have an Offer?

To check to see if you have a new “Exclusively For You” offer, log in to your Marriott Bonvoy account online. In the upper right corner, click on your name. This should bring up a menu on the right side of your screen, where you should see “Promotions” listed (for us, it’s the 5th menu item down the list). Clicking on “Promotions” will take you to the “Promotions Central” page. If you have an “Exclusively for You” offer, you should see it there.

You may have also received an email from Marriott with a link for a new “Member Exclusive” offer. We have not received an email about our new “Exclusively For You” offer, so don’t be discouraged by the lack of an email!

Check your Marriott Rewards account today – and best of luck!!!

Did you receive a Marriott Rewards “Exclusively for You” offer? What did you get? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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