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Catching Up on 6 Current Hyatt Promotions

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Earn an extra 500 Hyatt points from now through Sept 30 when you stay at the spectacular-looking Hotel du Palais Biarritz in southwest France [featured image courtesy Hyatt]

In the wake of a lot of recent experiments and articles in our Manufactured Spend Data Points (MS DPs) series, we need to do some catching up at Middle Age Miles on other recent deals that can earn you more points and miles so you can live your travel dreams for less!

We’ll start off with this article, covering 6 current Hyatt promotions. Importantly, all of these promotions stack with your normal Hyatt points-earning, and they also stack with each other. So, you can take advantage of multiple promo deals at once!

1. 500 bonus Hyatt points for booking through the World of Hyatt app

We’ll start off with an easy deal – 500 bonus Hyatt points when you book your stay through the World of Hyatt app:

  • Stays must take place by September 30, 2019
  • Booking must be made through the World of Hyatt app
  • No registration is required
  • Award stays qualify for this promotion
  • Only one room at a time qualifies for this promo (that is, if you book multiple rooms, you’ll receive only one 500-point bonus)
  • At our baseline value of 1.5 cents per Hyatt point, this bonus is worth about $7.50

Because Hyatt doesn’t pay any portal benefits, you don’t have to forego anything in order to collect these bonus points or make a choice about which deal is best – just book through the app!

2. 500 bonus Hyatt points for staying at new hotels

This promotion has been running for a few months – 500 bonus Hyatt points when you stay at a new Hyatt hotel. Each “new” Hyatt hotel has a period of about 3 to 3½ months where it’s eligible for this promotion. Stays must occur during the specified promotional period for each hotel. No registration is required for this promotion.

The best way to keep up with this promotion and which hotels are eligible is to go to the landing page for the promotion. Each qualifying hotel is listed, along with the specific dates for which the bonus applies:

As of today (August 14, 2019), there are 29 hotels listed on the promotion’s webpage, including the spectacular-looking Hotel du Palais Biarritz on the coast of southwest France that’s shown in the featured image for this article and in the image above for this promotion. (Note, however, that even though the promotion dates for the Hotel du Palais Biarritz run through October 31, it appears that the hotel is not taking reservations beyond September 30.)

And, we give a shout-out also to our friends who are Texas A&M Aggies fans, as they can get an extra 500 points if they stay at the new Hyatt House Bryan/College Station from now through November 30.

3. Hyatt Promotion for New Brands – Thompson, Joie de Vivre, Alila and Destination Hotels

We’ve written about this “new brands” promotion previously, but we’ll also include it here as it’s still running through the end of 2019.

Basics of this promotion are:

  • Earn 2,000 bonus Hyatt points for your first stay at a participating hotel in each of the four new brands – Thompson, Joie de Vivre, Alila and Destination Hotels
    • At our baseline value of 1.5 cents per Hyatt point, each bonus is worth about $30
  • Earn a Category 1-4 Free Night Certificate (expires after 180 days) by making at least one stay at a hotel in each of the four new brands
  • Promotion runs through December 31, 2019
  • For each brand, the promotion starts on its World of Hyatt integration date
  • Paid rates and points award redemptions both qualify for the promotion
  • No registration is required

Here’s the landing page for the Hyatt “new brands” promotion:

Also, note that Hyatt has its ongoing promotion where you can earn a Category 1-4 Free Night Award if you stay at 5 different Hyatt brands. The recent integration of Thompson, Joie de Vivre, Alila Hotels, plus the integration of Destination Hotels beginning August 20, gives you 4 new brands to help you earn an additional bonus night.

4. Targeted Double Points Offer

Within the past few days, Hyatt has sent a targeted email to certain World of Hyatt members that contains a targeted offer to earn double base points on Hyatt stays from now through October 31, 2019.

Registration is required for this promotion, and you must register by September 30, 2019.

Not all World of Hyatt members are eligible for this promotion. In our family, Philly was targeted, but I wasn’t. She received an email from Hyatt about the promotion, which included a link to register. Her registration was successful:

Mine wasn’t, and here’s the error message that I received from Hyatt (slightly edited for better-looking formatting):

If you’d like to test whether you’re eligible for this promotion, you can attempt to register at this landing page:

Double base points are a great deal if you’re targeted for this. At out baseline value of 1.5 cents per Hyatt point, this promotion results in an extra 7.5% points rebate for your Hyatt stays, on top of your normal earnings (and any other applicable bonuses). That works quite well.

Unfortunately for us at Middle Age Miles, we’re accumulating all of our nights under my account in order to qualify for Globalist. We’re going to need every night possible in my name, to reach the 60-night qualification threshold (and we’re already almost 40 nights in). So, sadly, we’re not going to be able to take advantage of Philly’s double-points offer.

5. Hyatt’s MLife Tier Credit Promotion

This one’s really a niche promotion that may help a few people attain a higher level of status in MGM’s MLife program. Here are the basics:

  • Stay at a Hyatt hotel, with a checkout date from August 18 through October 10, 2019
  • You’ll earn 8x MLife Tier Credits for each dollar of qualifying base spend (in addition to your normal Hyatt earnings)
  • Registration is required

Here’s the landing page for this promotion, where you can register (with your Hyatt and MLife membership numbers) and see the full terms & conditions:

Note that MLife tier credits aren’t really useful in and of themselves. They can’t be redeemed for anything. But the number of MLife tier credits earned in MLife’s program year (October 1 through September 30) determine your status level within the MLife program. MLife’s relevant elite status levels and qualification requirements are:

  • Pearl – 25,000 tier credits in the program year
  • Gold – 75,000 tier credits in the program year
  • Platinum – 200,000 tier credits in the program year

The other piece of information that’s relevant here involves the matching of elite status that can be done between Hyatt and MLife when you link your program accounts. Pearl status at MLife matches to Hyatt Discoverist status and vice versa. Gold status at MLife matches to Hyatt Explorist status and vice versa. Platinum status at MLife also matches to Hyatt Explorist status; however, that match doesn’t work in the other direction as Explorist only matches back to MLife Gold.

We’ve written extensively about the Hyatt-MLife partnership if you’d like to read more. Here are a couple of our most on-point articles:

So, bonus MLife tier credits are only useful if they allow you to cross one of the MLife thresholds to achieve a higher elite status level. Thus, for most people, this particular Hyatt-MLife promotion won’t be worth anything. But if you’re one of the lucky few that can reach a higher MLife status level through this promotion and goes to Las Vegas (or other MGM locations) enough to enjoy it, the promotion can be valuable – and even more so if the higher MLife status allows you to match back to a higher status level with Hyatt than you otherwise would have had!

This niche promotion may actually be helpful to us. Right now, we’re about 31,000 MLife tier credits short of Platinum status. We’d have to earn the additional tier credits by September 30. We do have one more Vegas stay coming up before September 30, but it’ll be a close call whether we earn enough tier credits to hit Platinum. With this promotion, though, and probably 2 Hyatt stays in late August and September that will qualify for it, we’ll have no problem reaching 200,000 tier credits and becoming MLife Platinum for the first time ever.

6. Double Elite Night Credits at Ziva and Zilara Properties

Finally, we have another niche promotion – double elite night credits at Hyatt’s Ziva and Zilara all-inclusive resorts, from now through November 23, 2019.

Registration is required, and you must register by October 31, 2019.

Here’s the landing page for this promotion, where you can register and view the full terms & conditions:

We hope you can use these Hyatt promotions to earn extra points, and maybe even a free night, to help you achieve your travel dreams.

At Middle Age Miles, we love to bring you travel, credit card and points-and-miles information that you can use to help make your travel dreams come true. To see all of our tips and insights, please Like and follow us on social media at:

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