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Round-Up of Fall 2019 Hotel Chain Points Promotions – Accor, Best Western, Choice, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Radisson

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Our hotel promotions article leads off with Accor, and one of our very favorite hotels is the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver

We thought it would be worthwhile to compile the Fall 2019 points promotions from major hotel chains in one place, so readers can compare. We’ve previously covered the major promotions from Hilton and Hyatt, but there are a number of promotions with programs that we use less that can also be valuable for your Fall 2019 stays.

Let’s go through them in alphabetical order by program:

1. Accor Hotels – “Boost Your Points Balance”

Accor’s fall promotion allows you to earn up to 6,000 bonus Rewards points by staying up to 3 times for at least 2 nights each. Key details are:

  • Bonus earnings up to 6,000 points total:
    • 500 Rewards points on your first stay (minimum 2 nights)
    • 2,500 Rewards points on your second stay (minimum 2 nights)
    • 3,000 Rewards points on your third stay (minimum 2 nights)
  • Registration is required
  • You must book your stay between 9/13/2019 and 9/27/2019
  • Stays must be completed between 9/13/2019 and 1/19/2020

Link for Registration & Details

Quick Analysis

Accor points have a near-fixed value of 2.25 cents per point (you can redeem 2,000 points for 40 Euros (~$45 USD) off your bill). That means that your first qualifying stay of 2+ nights earns an extra $11.25 in points; your second stay of stay of 2+ nights earns an extra $56.25 in points; and your third stay of 2+ nights earns an extra $67.50 in points.

These bonus points would be in addition to regular points-earning, which would be at least 25 points per 10 Euros of eligible expenses at most Accor brands (more if you have elite status). Regular points-earning without elite status results in a points rebate of about 5%.

This seems like a solid promotion for your second and third qualifying stays. Be sure to note that bookings must be made from 9/13/19 to 9/27/19 in order to qualify – reservations made before or after that period will not qualify for the bonus points!

2. Best Western – “Rewards Rush”

Best Western’s fall promotion allows you to earn a voucher for a free night at a Best Western hotel in the United States, Canada or the Caribbean, after you stay 2 nights. Key details are:

  • Stay 2 nights (consecutive or non-consecutive) at a Best Western hotel in the US, Canada or the Caribbean at a qualifying rate (OTAs do not count)
  • Earn a Free Night Voucher for any Best Western hotel in the US, Canada or the Caribbean
  • Registration is required
  • Promotion period is from 9/16/19 through 11/17/19
  • Maximum 1 Free Night Voucher during this promotion
  • Free Night Vouchers expire 70 days after they are issued

Link for Registration and Details

Quick Analysis

If you have any potential “high end” Best Western stays coming up, this seems like it could be a great promotion. Book 2 cheap nights, redeem your free night voucher at an “expensive” property.

Are there actually any Best Western hotels worth aspiring to in the US, Canada or the Caribbean? We’re not entirely sure. We spot-checked a couple of the “Best Western Premier” properties. The Tides in Orange Beach, AL, looked pretty nice. It had a paid rate of around $200 and award availability on a random October weekend night that we checked. Another high-value redemption would be the Best Western Premier Herald Square in New York, NY, which seems to be well-located on 36th St, between 5th & 6th Avenues. This hotel also had award availability for a random October weekend on a night where a paid rate would run north of $250.

But even if you’re not maximizing this promotion with an “aspirational” stay, getting one free night after paying for 2 seems like a good deal. And the requirement is actually 2 nights, not 2 stays. The biggest issue is that the free night voucher expires so quickly, only 70 days after it is issued. (For planning purposes, Best Western says that the free night voucher will be issued approximately 2-3 weeks after you complete the qualifying nights.)

3. Choice Privileges – “One stay. Two stays. Free stay.*”

For Fall 2019, Choice is running back the same somewhat-complicated promotion that it’s done several times recently. It’s billed as a “free stay” after you complete two stays. But it’s really a points promotion where you’ll earn a total of at least 8,000 Choice points after 2 stays.

The gist of the promotion is as follows:

  • Stay twice at Choice hotels, with check-in dates between 9/4/19 and 11/8/19
  • For starters, you will earn Choice Privileges points as usual on your stays – 10 Choice points per dollar of spend on room rate
  • Then, total up the Choice points on your 2 stays, and:
    • If you have earned less than 3,000 Choice points on your 2 stays, Choice will give you enough bonus points to bring your total for the 2 stays up to 8,000 points; or
    • If you have earned more than 3,000 Choice points on your 2 stays, Choice will give you 5,000 bonus points
  • You can earn these bonus points each time you have 2 qualifying stays during the promo period
    • That is, it’s not a one-and-done
  • Registration is required, before you check out of your first stay
  • The promotion is subject to additional terms and conditions, including:
    • You must book direct with Choice
    • Reward night stays don’t count
    • Rooms booked at rates below $40 per night don’t count
    • Stays must be booked on non-consecutive days (if booking twice at the same hotel) or at two separate hotels
    • You can see full details at the promotion FAQs page

Link for Registration and Details

If you’re not already a Choice Privileges member, please use our referral link to sign up. You will earn 500 Choice Privileges bonus points after your first stay!

Quick Analysis

This Choice promotion is interesting, but perhaps only modestly exciting to us. We don’t stay in Choice properties very often, and we’re trying to spend nights with Hyatt and Marriott right now in order to meet elite qualifying requirements. But we’ve registered for the promotion anyway, in case we have an opportunity pop up where it could help us. We always recommend registering for all of these hotel promotions, because we certainly don’t want to leave any points on the table!

Quantitatively, the Choice promotion looks like this:

  • If you paid less than $300 total room rate for your 2 stays, you’d earn 8,000 total points. At our baseline value of 0.5 cents per Choice point, those points are worth about $40
    • Let’s assume that you paid only $200 total for your 2 stays. Having earned 8,000 points, you’d be receiving a points rebate of about 20% on your room rate (plus any elite bonus).
    • At the extreme, say you could find nights for only $50 each, for a total of $100. You’d earn 8,000 points worth about $40, which equates to a points rebate of about 40%(plus any elite bonus). That’s a great return if you need to actually use the hotel for these nights, but it definitely falls way short of “mattress run” territory.
  • If you paid more than $300 total room rate for your 2 stays, you’d earn an extra 5,000 points. That’s an extra $25 points rebate for the 2 stays (or $12.50 per stay).
    • Let’s assume that you paid $350 total. Your regular points earning would be 3,500 points ($17.50), and your promotional points earning would be 5,000 points ($25). Total points return would be $42.50, which is a points rebate of about 12.1% on your room rate (plus any elite bonus).

4. Hilton – “Power Up”

We covered the Hilton “Power Up” promotion and analyzed it in detail in an article last week:

In short – from now through 1/5/20, earn double Hilton Honors (HH) base points on stays at Hilton-family properties. If you hold a Hilton Honors co-branded credit card from Amex and use it to pay for your stay, you’ll earn even more – triple HH base points!

Link for Registration and Details

5. Hyatt – “Bonus Journeys”

We also covered the new Hyatt “Bonus Journeys” promotion and analyzed it detail, in an article that we published just yesterday:

In “Bonus Journeys,” you’ll earn triple points at Hyatt Place hotels, and double points at all other Hyatt hotels (including SLH properties when booked through Hyatt and all MGM/MLife hotels), beginning with your second eligible stay during the promo period. The promotion runs from now through 12/15/19.

Link for Registration and Details

6. IHG – “Accelerate” plus InterContinental Bonus Points

IHG has two fall promotions running now – its chainwide “Accelerate” program, plus a bonus points promotion specific to InterContinental hotels. The two promotions stack, so that stays at InterContinental hotels that qualify for an “Accelerate” task will also earn bonus points under the brand-specific promotion.

“Accelerate” Promotion

“Accelerate” is IHG’s now long-running promotional program where each member is presented with an individualized offer consisting of a number of different tasks, each with its own points bonus. For example, our personalized Accelerate offer for Fall 2019 consists of 4 tasks, and we could earn up to a total of 22,100 IHG bonus points if we complete all 4 tasks.

Accelerate runs from now through 12/31/19. You must register for the promotion by 10/18/19. The best way to access the promotion is to go to the landing page for the promotion (we’ve included a link below), then log in to your IHG account, then register for the promotion.

You’ll have to check out your own individualized tasks and bonuses to evaluate the Accelerate offer. In doing so, remember that we give IHG points a baseline value of 0.5 cents per point. Also, it’s important to know that a single stay can qualify for multiple tasks. For example, in our individualized offer, consider a 4-night stay including a Saturday night, at a Holiday Inn Express, using a Points & Cash rate. That stay would fully satisfy 2 of our tasks (the 3rd & 4th tasks), and it would partially satisfy the other 2 tasks (the 1st & 2nd tasks).

InterContinental Bonus Points Promotion

The InterContinental bonus points promotion consists of 2 parts. The first part is quite straightforward – earn 3,000 IHG bonus points on each stay at an InterContinental hotel from 9/26/19 through 11/30/19, up to 5 times (maximum 15,000 bonus points). Registration is required (we’ve included a link below). That’s essentially a points rebate worth about $15 on each InterContinental stay during the promotional period.

The second part of the InterContinental promotion involves InterContinental’s “Ambassador” program. New enrollees in the Ambassador program earn 10,000 bonus points for enrolling, plus they will earn an additional 3,000 bonus points per stay (total of 6,000 bonus points per stay when combined with the first part of the promotion) from 9/26/19 through 11/30/19.

Ambassador status costs $200 per year, or you can pay 40,000 IHG points. Its benefits include:

  • Guaranteed one-category room upgrade
  • 4:00 pm late check-out
  • Up to $20 food & beverage credit per stay
  • A buy-one-get-one-free weekend night (the paid night is required to be at a specific rate, which may be higher than what you could otherwise book)
  • IHG Rewards Club Platinum elite status

A full review of the Ambassodor program is beyond the scope of this article. We don’t have it, but we’d get it if we were contemplating multiple InterContinental stays during our membership year and/or if we knew we could use the free weekend night to save an amount close to or above the $200 annual membership fee.

Links for Registration and Details

7. Marriott – None, but check your account for “Exclusively for You” offers

Marriott hasn’t announced any general Fall 2019 promotion at this time. This is quite disappointing, especially given that every other major hotel chain is running a good promotion, and Marriott Bonvoy just devalued its program even further by introducing Peak/Standard/Off-Peak pricing as of 9/14/19.

We wanted to remind you, though, that Marriott Bonvoy has been releasing individualized “Exclusively for You” offers periodically this year. Check the “Promotions” page of your Marriott account regularly to see if there are any new offers for you. Our most recent “Exclusively for You” offer was for double elite night credits for a period of 3 months. Earlier this year we received some bonus points offers through “Exclusively for You.”

To learn more about Marriott Bonvoy “Exclusively for You” offers, read this article we published back in June:

8. Radisson – “Earn double, enjoy more”

You’ll need to act quickly if you want to take advantage of Radisson’s Fall 2019 promotion. The offer is a good one – double points and double night and stay credits, for stays from 9/26/19 through 12/29/19. But here’s the catch – you must book your stays between 9/16/19 and 9/26/19 (pre-existing bookings do not qualify), and you need to register for the promotion before you book.

Note that the “double points” part of the promotion is on base points only (excluding any elite status or other bonuses). More specifically, you’ll actually earn 20 Radisson Rewards bonus points per dollar on eligible stays.

Award stays, Points + Cash bookings, and bookings through online travel agencies do not qualify for this promotion.

Bonus points and stay credits are uncapped. Bonus night credits are capped at 10 nights per eligible stay, but that shouldn’t impact most people.

Link for Registration and Details

Quick Analysis

This promotion is tricky, because it requires you to book within a narrow 11-day window. But the rewards are nice. Looking solely at the points portion of the promotion, at our baseline value of 0.4 cents per Radisson Rewards point, the 20 bonus points per dollar are worth about an 8% additional points rebate.

For non-elite members with no Radisson co-branded credit card, you’d be looking at earning 40 Radisson points per dollar during this promotion, plus whatever you earn on your hotel credit card spend (for instance, 3x Ultimate Rewards points with a Chase Sapphire Reserve or Ink Preferred, or 3x ThankYou points with a Citi Premier card). The Radisson points alone would amount to about a 16% points rebate, in addition to your credit card points.

For us specifically, we hold a Radisson Rewards Business Visa card, which gives us Gold elite status (so that we earn 25 points per dollar instead of 20) and earns 10x points per dollar spent at Radisson hotels. Using the card, we’d be earning a total of 55 points per dollar. At 0.4 cents per point, this results in a points rebate of about 22%, which is pretty good.

9. Wyndham – None

We’re not aware of any Fall 2019 points promo from the Wyndham Rewards program, which is disappointing in light of the many other good promotions.

We hope you’ve found this round-up of Fall 2019 hotel chain points promotions to be helpful. It’s been a good review for us, to remember all the things that are happening at the moment and compare the different promotions to see how we can best benefit. We always want to maximize our points-and-miles, and we surely want to help you do the same!

Do you have any thoughts or strategy suggestions with respect to any of these Fall 2019 hotel promotions? Please let us know in the Comments!

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5 thoughts on “Round-Up of Fall 2019 Hotel Chain Points Promotions – Accor, Best Western, Choice, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Radisson

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Franz – Thanks for sharing. I just checked, and I have the same offer.

      For those who don’t know, Hyatt points normally cost 2.4 cents per point. With the 40% bonus (for purchases of at least 10k points), the cost goes down to 1.71 cents per point. That’s a reasonable price and will work well for some people.

      1. HS

        If you buy the points with a Chase Freedom Unlimited, then I think that it comes down to 1.67 cents/point, which is a few hundredths of a cent north (IIRC) of what the CFU gives you on Plastiq for Chase UR points. Or, to put it differently, it’s like $83.50ai for an HP night, or $501ai for a night at the best PHs. All of which puts it just at the cusp of seductive — very seductive if you have any of these stays in mind, a bit less seductive if it’s only in longer-term prospect.

        1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

          Thanks HS – Very good insights. If you can go through the Top Cashback portal, you can shave the cpp down even a little lower. TCB is offering 2.5% cash back for purchases of Hyatt points through points.com. In our “dummy” test, it looked like TCB would work with the promotion. ~Craig

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