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Hyatt-MGM Fall 2019 Double Hyatt Points Promotion in Vegas – Great Stacking Opportunity!

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Hyatt and MGM/MLife have introduced a great Fall 2019 promotion where you can earn double Hyatt points on stays at 12 MGM/MLife properties in Vegas. We’ll tell you about the promotion details, plus walk you through ways to get incredible points-earning, discounts and other benefits on your Vegas stays!

Relevant Link

Here’s the link to the offer landing & registration page for this promotion, which also includes the promotion’s terms & conditions:

Details of the Promotion

Here are the details of the promotion:

  • Book and stay at any of the 12 participating MGM/MLife properties in Las Vegas between now and December 28, 2019
    • You must check out of the hotel on or before 12/28/19
  • Earn double base World of Hyatt points for your stay
    • Typically, you earn 5 Hyatt points per dollar of eligible spend at MGM/MLife properties
    • With this promotion, you’ll also earn an extra 5 bonus Hyatt points per dollar
  • You must register for the promotion in advance of your stay
  • Only the room occupied by the Member qualifies for the promotion
  • Award stays qualify, if you have eligible spend during your stay

Participating MGM/MLife properties in Las Vegas are:

  • Aria
  • Bellagio
  • Delano
  • Excalibur
  • Luxor
  • Mandalay Bay
  • MGM Grand
  • Mirage
  • New York New York
  • Park MGM
  • The Signature at MGM Grand
  • Vdara

Stacking Opportunities and Strategies for Great Deals in Vegas

This Hyatt-MGM promotion will stack with Hyatt’s chainwide Fall 2019 double-points promotion, meaning that you can potentially earn triple base points (3x) on Fall 2019 MGM/MLife stays. We covered Hyatt’s Fall 2019 “Bonus Journeys” promotion in detail in this article:

A couple of quick things to note about stacking the two promotions:

  • One, the Hyatt chainwide “Bonus Journeys” promotion earns double points starting with your second qualifying stay during the period for that promotion. Thus, you would need to have completed a “first” qualifying stay at a Hyatt/MGM/SLH property before you could earn 3x Hyatt points with MGM/MLife in Vegas
  • Two, the dates of the promotions do not perfectly overlap. The “Bonus Journeys” promotion ends on December 15. Thus, you’d need to check out of your MGM/MLife stay on or before 12/15/19 in order to earn triple points.

If you qualify for both promotions, though, you could earn:

  • 5x Hyatt base points per dollar
  • Plus 5x bonus Hyatt points per dollar for the “Bonus Journeys” promotion
  • Plus another 5x bonus Hyatt points per dollar in this Hyatt-MGM promotion
  • Plus any bonus Hyatt points for elite status:
    • 0.5x bonus Hyatt points if you’re Discoverist
    • 1x bonus Hyatt point if you’re Explorist
    • 1.5x bonus Hyatt points if you’re Globalist

Thus, for example, if you’re an Explorist (like we are at the moment), you’d earn a total of 16 Hyatt points per dollar. At our baseline value of 1.5 cents per Hyatt point, that’s already a points rebate of 24%!

Pay with Chase Ink Preferred, enrolled in Visa SavingsEdge

Next, let’s talk about stacking credit card rewards. For 7 of the MGM/MLife Las Vegas hotels in the Hyatt-MGM promotion, the “killer” card for this deal is a Chase Ink Preferred card enrolled in the Visa SavingsEdge program. The Chase Ink Preferred card earns 3x Ultimate Rewards (UR) points for travel, including hotels. And if you’ve enrolled your Ink Preferred card in Visa SavingsEdge, you can get an additional 4% statement credit at the following MGM/MLife Vegas hotels:

  • Aria
  • Excalibur
  • Luxor
  • Mandalay Bay
  • MGM Grand
  • Mirage
  • Park MGM
MGM/MLife hotels participating in the Visa SavingsEdge program

A few quick notes about MGM/MLife hotels and the Visa SavingsEdge (VSE) program:

  • The VSE page lists the Monte Carlo, which is the previous name of the Park MGM. We have confirmed that charges at the Park MGM still qualify for the VSE statement credit, notwithstanding the name change.
  • We wonder if the following additional properties might qualify for VSE, but we don’t have any data points one way or the other:
    • The Signature at MGM Grand (maybe qualifies as MGM Grand spend?)
    • Skylofts at MGM Grand (same)
    • Delano (attached to Mandalay Bay; maybe qualifies as Mandalay Bay spend?)
    • NoMad (contained within Park MGM; maybe qualifies as Park MGM/Monte Carlo spend?)
  • On almost all reservations, MGM charges a deposit for the first night’s rate when you make a reservation. For some reason, the deposit does not automatically trigger VSE credits (we haven’t yet tested whether you can get manual credit by calling in to VSE). In our experience, only charges paid via the hotel front desk (basically, at check-out) automatically trigger VSE credits.

Anyway, if you’re staying at one of the VSE-eligible properties and paying with a Chase Ink Preferred, you’ll earn an additional 3x UR points per dollar (a points rebate of about 4.5%, based on our baseline value of 1.5 cents per UR point), and you’ll also get the 4% VSE statement credit. Add those points and credits to the points from the Hyatt-MGM promotion, and the Explorist we used in our example is now up to a 32.5% rebate!

Use Chase LHRC/Signature Travel Network Benefits

Our next stacking opportunity involves using the Chase Luxury Hotels & Resorts Collection (LHRC) or Signature Travel Network benefits.

We’ve written extensively about using the Chase LHRC and Signature Travel Network programs in these articles:

Please read those articles for full information about using Chase LHRC or Signature Travel Network. In short, though, booking through one of these programs will give you the following benefits at certain MGM/MLife properties:

  • Complimentary breakfast for 2 daily
  • An additional special complimentary benefit per stay
    • This benefit is hotel-specific – examples include a $100 dining credit, a lunch or dinner for two, spa or resort credit, or other privilege
    • The benefit at all participating MGM/MLife properties participating is a $100 food & beverage credit per stay, except that at Park MGM the credit is only $50 per stay
  • A room upgrade on arrival, if available
  • Early check-in and late check-out, if available

The following MGM/MLife properties in Vegas are available through Signature Travel Network and Chase LHRC:

  • Aria
  • Bellagio
  • Delano
  • Mandalay Bay
  • MGM Grand
  • NoMad
  • Park MGM
  • Skylofts at MGM Grand
  • Signature at MGM Grand

So, if you’re staying at Aria, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand or Park MGM, you can stack Chase Signature Travel Network/Chase LHRC benefits with Ink Preferred & VSE benefits, along with the Hyatt-MGM promotion. By doing this, you can get the free breakfast, food & beverage credits, and the other Signature/LHRC benefits in addition to a 32.5% rebate on your spend!

One final set of notes about Chase LHRC and Signature Travel Network: Chase LHRC reservations can be made online, but you’ll need an eligible Chase-issued card to access the program, and you must pay with a Chase card. In comparison, Signature Travel Network reservations have 3 distinct advantages. One, anyone is eligible; you’ll just need a Signature-qualified travel agent. Two, you can pay with any credit card, not just a Chase card. This opens up the possibility of a further stack, if we get another Amex Offer for MGM hotels during the promotion period. And three, in our experience MGM hotels have not charged a first-night deposit on reservations made through Signature Travel Network. This allows you to pay for all charges at the front desk and get the 4% VSE credit on all hotel charges.

Even More Stacking Tips and Opportunities

(1) Remember that you can charge restaurant bills at any MGM properties (not just the one where you’re staying) to your room. There are also many other things that can be charged to the room, like show tickets purchased from an MGM box office and some on-property store purchases. All of these room charges (as well as resort fees) qualify for the promotions, points-earning and stacking that we’ve outlined in this post!

(2) As a potential alternative to making bookings through Signature Travel Network or Chase LHRC, note that MGM has a good sale going on right now for stays from September 29 through October 31, 2019 – 20% off room rates plus up to $100 food & beverage credit at most properties. You must book no later than 9/30/19, and a two-night minimum stay is required. Note that the food & beverage credit from this sale is the “good” MGM food & beverage credit that works at more than 300 MGM F&B outlets across its Vegas portfolio.

The offer code for this deal is ZSPAH19. You can access the landing page for this sale and then check rates and benefits for the different MGM/MLife properties here:

If you’re traveling to Vegas during the dates for this sale, you’ll definitely want to double-check its rates and benefits versus the Signature Travel Network/Chase LHRC rates and benefits.

As you can see, between the Hyatt-MGM promo and the other programs and opportunities we discussed, you can score some fantastic deals in Vegas this fall. We’ll be looking at a few of these opportunities ourselves for one or two fun date weekends in Vegas soon!

Do you have other insights or comments on these Vegas deals or any other opportunities there? Please let us know in the Comments! Thanks!

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9 thoughts on “Hyatt-MGM Fall 2019 Double Hyatt Points Promotion in Vegas – Great Stacking Opportunity!

  1. Pingback: Hyatt/M life Promo: Earn Double Points On Vegas Stays

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Thanks Harlan! Let’s go!!!

      For those in Dallas like us, the excitement of the awesomeness of the Vegas hotel deals is dulled only by the sobering reality of how much AA wants to charge to get us there. ~Craig

  2. Parkin

    Great article! If I access the Chase LHRC with my CSR to book a Aria stay, can I pay the folio at Aria checkout with my Amex Gold card that has the MGM spend $500, get $100 statement credit? Will it cause problems?

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Parkin – Thanks for the nice compliment!

      When booking through Chase LHRC, our experience is that the hotel required us to pay with a Chase-issued Visa card. There might be some “YMMV” to that, but I’d expect to have to pay with Chase.

      The way around this, if you want to get the same benefits as Chase LHRC but pay with an Amex to take advantage of the Amex Offer, is to book through a travel agent who has access to the Signature Travel Network program. If you haven’t read it already, check out this article we published recently for more details (and contact info for the travel agent who helped us): https://www.middleagemiles.com/2019/09/04/using-signature-travel-benefits-to-score-great-deals-in-vegas/

      We have an upcoming Vegas stay where we did exactly this – booking at Aria on a Signature Travel Network deal, and we’ll pay with Amex to take advantage of the sweet Amex Offer.

      Good luck and have a great time in Vegas! ~Craig

  3. ronna spiegel

    Just checked into the Delano with a chase lhrc reservation. Got upgraded, resort fees waived (after I asked), breakfast upon arrival, then I used my Amex platinum to pay the balance that was due so I could take advantage of the spend $500 get $100 credit. There was no problem using the Amex. Should I be on the look out for anything? So far so good. Going to our free dinner at ceasars tonight and tomorrow night will use our $100 fb credit at three Delano. It’s going to be a fun weekend! Thanks for all your advice and guidance. Love your blog!

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Ronna – Thanks for letting me know how everything’s going in Vegas. Sounds like you’re on a hot streak! I love hearing your story. I guess the only things I’d say would relate to check-out – just take an extra couple of minutes to (a) make sure your F&B credit gets applied correctly, and (b) make sure they have your World of Hyatt number attached to your booking and profile so you get the Hyatt points & nights. Have a great weekend in Vegas and good luck!!! ~Craig

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