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Merry Christmas from Middle Age Miles!

merry christmas middle age miles 2019
Middle Age Miles at St. Paul’s Cathedral for last year’s Santa in the City run in London

Philly and I just wanted to take a minute to wish all Middle Age Miles readers a very Merry Christmas! We hope you and your families are having a wonderful day and holiday season, filled with good times with family as well as safe and smooth travels.

For us, it’s an unusual Christmas in that it’s just the two of us together this year. All of the Middle Age Miles kids are scattered about – Chicago, northern Virginia, Washington state and southern Texas. But the good news is that we’ve seen all of them within the past couple of weeks and have some celebrations that just won’t happen to fall on December 25. We’ve also been fortunate to see our parents and have good visits with them within the past couple of months. So, an unusual day, but certainly a nice holiday season.

The holidays have also given us a chance to use a lot of travel tricks to help some of the MAM kids get around for the holidays. It’s always a tough time for flights – high fares and limited or high-priced award availability – but with a variety of resources and strategies we’ve managed to make things a little cheaper and easier:

  • We used BA Avios to get Middle Age Miles daughter KB home from Denver, in first class no less, and did the same for another trip she’s taking after Christmas. For her final leg to get home to DEN, we were able to find an AA first-class saver award from Louisville (SDF) to Denver via DFW, which cost less than any economy class award ticket on her same day of flight. For her, first class is nice in and of itself, but it’s particularly helpful because it means that she won’t have to pay for a checked bag!
  • Middle Age Miles daughter Maria and her partner needed to get from Seattle to South Carolina for the holidays. To our surprise, we learned that Alaska has a non-stop flight from SEA to Charleston (CHS). Fares were high, but we were able to use a Companion Fare from a B of A Alaska credit card to save them about $400 in airfare costs.
  • And finally, we were able to help Middle Age Miles son Andrew make a holiday season trip by booking through the Chase portal using Ultimate Rewards (UR) points, at 1.5 cents per point given that we have a Sapphire Reserve card. He has his own stash of UR points earned through a couple of Chase cards, but he’s early in his working career and doesn’t have a Sapphire Reserve card. We were able to transfer UR points from his account to mine, so that he could get 1.5 cents per point for his travel bookings.

We hope everyone has a healthy and happy holiday season!!!

~Craig & Philly

Middle Age Miles at the Baptism Site in Jordan, standing at the marble slab marking the exact place where Jesus was baptized at the River Jordan

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