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Hilton Honors “Points Unlimited” Promo Is Underway

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Summary of the Promotion

From January 6 through May 3, 2020, you can earn bonus points on stays at Hilton-family properties, as follows:

  • 2,000 bonus points for every stay (including your first stay); plus
  • 10,000 bonus points for every 10 nights

You must register for the promotion before you check out of your stay in order to earn the bonus points for that stay.

Relevant Links

Register for the Hilton Honors “Points Unlimited” promotion here:

There’s also a FAQ page for the “Points Unlimited” promotion, which you can access here:

We went to the landing page for the promotion, signed into our Hilton Honors account, and registered for “Points Unlimited” with no issues.

Additional Details of the Promotion

The “Points Unlimited” promotion has two prongs – one part based on stays, and a second part based on nights. The two prongs operate independently of one another, and they are additive. The promotion’s FAQs page contains three examples that show how this works:

  • An Honors member stays 5 times for a total of 10 nights in March
    • Member earns a total of 20,000 bonus points – 2,000 for each of 5 stays, plus 10,000 for achieving 10 nights
  • An Honors member stays 3 times with a total of 11 nights in March, then 4 more times with a total of 9 nights in April
    • Member earns a total of 34,000 bonus points – 2,000 for each of 7 stays, plus 20,000 for achieving 20 nights
  • An Honors member has 1 20-night stay in March
    • Member earns a total of 22,000 bonus points – 2,000 for the stay, plus 20,000 for achieving 20 nights

As usual, all bonus points earnings are in addition to regular points-earning, any elite status bonus points, any other applicable promotions, and the earnings form your credit card spend. For example, if you’re a Hilton Honors Diamond member paying with an Aspire card (at any brand other than Home2 Suites and Tru), you’d earn:

  • 10x base HH points per dollar
  • 10x bonus HH points per dollar as a Diamond elite bonus
  • 14x HH points per dollar from your Aspire credit card spend
  • Plus an additional 1,000 HH points if you’ve selected points as your MyWay preferences option and your stay is at a Canopy, Conrad, Curio, DoubleTree, Hilton, LXR, Motto, Tapestry Collection or Waldorf Astoria hotel (2,000 HH points at Hilton Grand Vacations)
  • Plus your points from the “Points Unlimited” promotion

Other notes of possible interest that we picked up from the FAQs and terms and conditions for this promotion include:

  • The first day of the promotion was yesterday (January 6, 2020), and all stays completed on January 6 or later count for this promotion, even if you checked in prior to January 6 (so long as you register for the promotion prior to check-out)
  • On the back end of the promotion, you must check out on or before May 3, 2020 – members will not receive bonus points for any stay that is completed after May 3, even if part of the stay overlaps with the promotion period
  • A “stay” is defined as consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, regardless of whether or not a guest checks out and checks back in again
  • All spend on charges to the room count toward earning bonus points, except at the following brands: Hampton, Tru, Homewood Suites, and Home2 Suites
  • If you have 2 or more room reservations at the same time, bonus points are awarded on one room only (although you can earn base points on two rooms if they are paid on one folio)
  • The promotion has the usual exclusions from qualifying stays, including wholesale/tour operator packages, third party website bookings (such as through Booking.com or Expedia), and “opaque” channel bookings where the brand may not be known at the time of purchase (such as Hotwire)
    • It’s standard that these types of stays don’t earn HH points anyway, and they’re also excluded from this promotion
  • Award stays and nights do qualify for the promotion

Our Thoughts on the Hilton Honors “Points Unlimited” Promotion

First, let’s quantify the benefits from this promotion. In addition to your regular earnings, at our (new) baseline value of 0.45 cents per Hilton Honors point, you’ll be earning:

  • An extra $9 worth of points for each stay (2,000 * 0.0045)
  • And if you stay 10 nights, you’ll receive an extra $45 worth of points (10,000 * 0.0045)

Obviously, the people who make out best with this promotion are those with a lot of 1-night stays in lower-end properties. For example, on a 1-night stay at a $100 rate, the HH member is earning an extra 9% points rebate on the “stay” portion of the promotion, and even more if the member hits the 10-night threshold (one-tenth of the 10-night bonus would be worth about $4.50; that is, another 4.5% points rebate on top of the 9%). If you fall into that bucket, you should be delighted with this promotion.

For us, we tend to have multiple-night stays, and our average room rate is usually higher. For us, the previous HH “Power Up” promotion awarding triple base points was a home run, and the current “Points Unlimited” promotion is disappointing.

Personal preference aside, we kind of like that Hilton rotates the structure of its promotions so that different members with varying stay patterns do better under some of the promotions. With Hilton Honors promotions, every member has their day (or at least every member who stays at Hilton properties does!).

One other thing that we’d like to point out is that the bonus earning in “Points Unlimited” begins with the member’s first stay. We’ve seen a bit of a trend during 2019 of promotions beginning with the second stay, and we applaud Hilton, twice in a row now, of bucking that trend and having its promotional benefits kick in on the first stay.

Finally, we want to point out that the “Points Unlimited” promotion can be stacked with any other promotions that Hilton may run during the promotion period as well as any Amex Offers for Hilton-family properties that are effective during the promotion period. The only current Hilton-related Amex Offer that we see on our accounts right now is one for Hilton properties in the UK (pictured below), but several other Offers recently expired, and it’s usually not long before Amex Offers for Hilton properties are refreshed.

Unless you have short, inexpensive stays coming up, it’s certainly not worth moving any stays to Hilton for this promotion. And even those with short, inexpensive stays won’t get points-rich from it. But we’re happy for this promotion and we hope Middle Age Miles readers can make the most of it!

What do you think of the new Hilton Honors “Points Unlimited” promotion? How will you take best advantage of it? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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    Craig, thanks for always staying on top of these offers and posting articles to remind us sign up for the most recent offers! Simple reminders like this are why I always check your site daily.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Kevin – You’re most welcome! I’m glad the reminders are helping out! ~Craig

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