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It’s a New Year at Caesars Rewards – Time to Re-Match to Caesars Diamond!

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Middle Age Miles had a nice stay at Caesars Palace in June 2019 as a Diamond member!


Starting today (February 1), it’s a new program year for Caesars Rewards. Elite status from the past Feb 1-Jan 31 year is gone, and updated status levels for the new year are now showing in the Caesars system. For those of us who have previously acquired Caesars Rewards Diamond elite status, that means that our status has probably been downgraded.

One of the true sweet spots in the points-and-miles world is the ability to get Diamond elite status with Wyndham Rewards, use the Wyndham-Caesars partnership to match that status to Caesars Rewards Diamond status, and then keep the merry-go-round turning by re-matching the status back and forth between the partnered Wyndham and Caesars programs.

On January 1, we reminded you to use your Caesars Diamond status to re-match to Wyndham Rewards Diamond for 2020:

And now that the calendar has turned to February, now’s the time to use your Wyndham Rewards Diamond status to re-match to Caesars Rewards Diamond.

Caesars Rewards Diamond Status

Regular readers of Middle Age Miles know that we do date weekends in Vegas fairly often. And when we do, we often like to use the perks of Caesars Diamond elite status. What does Caesars Diamond status get you? You can see the full official list of benefits from Caesars here, but the key perks to us are:

  • $100 Celebration Dinner credit per year
  • No resort fees on stays at Caesars properties
  • Discounted room rates
  • 2 free show tickets, once per calendar month (to a limited set of shows; check each month’s listing for specific shows)
  • Special “shortcut” lines and check-in facilities for Diamond members
We used a 2019 celebration dinner credit at the Old Homestead Steakhouse,
inside Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

There’s also the possibility of receiving a “free” stay at Atlantis in the Bahamas. We don’t know much about this process, but our friend Dave Grossman at MilesTalk did this and has a good article here. We haven’t been too motivated to use this benefit, though, as we’ve read several reviews from people who weren’t too impressed, such as this recent review from Shawn at Miles to Memories.

Re-Matching to Caesars Rewards Diamond Status

Fortunately, it’s a very easy process to re-match your Wyndham Rewards Diamond status back to Caesars Diamond. We did this for Philly and me already, earlier today.

Here’s what Philly’s status with Caesars Rewards looked like when she first signed in today:

As you can see, after her Diamond status from last year expired, she dropped all the way to Gold, the base level of Caesars Rewards.

Now, here’s the process to re-match to Caesars Diamond:

1 – Log in to your Caesars Rewards account.

2 – On the Caesars Rewards website, go to the partner page for Wyndham Rewards. Here’s a link:

3 – There, you’ll see a button to match your status if you’re already a Wyndham Rewards member. Click that button (it’s the button on the right side of this screenshot):

4 – Next, you’ll be prompted to enter your Wyndham Rewards number. Do that, and click the “Request Matching Status” button.

And that’s it. At that point, with any luck, you’ll get a confirmation message that your status match is complete and your Caesars Rewards tier status will be updated to Diamond within 7 business days.

How Long Will Matched Status Last?

Once you’re Caesars Diamond, you’ll have your status through the end of the next Caesars Rewards year on January 31. Re-matching now will give you Caesars Diamond status through 1/31/2021.

What Do You Need to Do Next?

Aside from planning a trip to Vegas (or another Caesars destination) to use your celebration dinner credit and other benefits, the next step on the Wyndham-Caesars status match merry-go-round won’t come until 1/1/2021. On that date, your Wyndham Rewards Diamond status will expire (assuming you haven’t met the stay requirement to keep it), and you’ll need to use your Caesars Diamond status to re-match to Wyndham Rewards Diamond.

What If I’m Not Already a Wyndham Rewards Diamond Member? Can I Still Get Caesars Diamond?

You might, if you have elite status with another hotel chain. It’s a two-step process. First, use Hilton (Gold or above) or Marriott (Gold or above) elite status to match to a 90-day trial of Wyndham Diamond. Then, use your newfound Wyndham Diamond status to match to Caesars Diamond through the partnership between Wyndham and Caesars. Each step may take a few days to process, but overall this path is very convenient and can all be done online.

You can learn more about this method in our previous article, including other hotel chain status levels that Wyndham will match to Wyndham Rewards Diamond, here:

As of today, the online Wyndham status-match opportunity described in that article still works.

And why did we focus on Hilton Gold (or above) and Marriott Gold (or above) status in the first paragraph of this section? Well, primarily because you can attain these status levels simply by holding a credit card (all links are referral links):

The cheapest path to attaining a status level that would match to Wyndham Rewards Diamond (and then to Caesars Diamond) would be to get an Amex Hilton Honors Surpass card, which only carries a $95 annual fee (and presently has a sign-up bonus of 125,000 Hilton Honors bonus points). With that card, Hilton Gold status posts quickly, and you should be able to use the steps outlined here to match to Caesars Diamond within 2-3 weeks.


We’ve had a lot of fun over the past couple of years getting Caesars Diamond status for ourselves and helping friends, family and Middle Age Miles readers do the same. We’ve certainly enjoyed our celebration dinners as well as many of the other Diamond benefits. We hope that you can do the match and enjoy Caesars Diamond status for another year too!

What’s been your favorite Caesars Diamond experience? Where do you like to use your $100 celebration dinner credit? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the comments!

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20 thoughts on “It’s a New Year at Caesars Rewards – Time to Re-Match to Caesars Diamond!

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Nat – Nice that you’ll be heading to Vegas this year! Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace should be a very nice treat 🙂 ~Craig

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  2. Kevin

    Thanks for the reminder. This is a very easy process and frees up some great reward opportunities. We are looking forward to using the celebration dinner credit again in April on our return trip to Vegas.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Thanks, Kevin! Glad everything worked smoothly. Should be a great dinner in April in Vegas!!! ~Craig

  3. Dan

    This is a great reminder.. I took advantage of so many freebies last year ($100 at Bacchanal/Caesars, show tickets during a couple of visits, free rooms). I’ve just re-matched and hopefully I’ll get the upgrade once again.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Dan – Thanks for the comment and glad the article helped. Have fun using the Caesars Diamond benefits in Vegas again this year! ~Craig

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Chris – To the best of our knowledge, you should be able to re-match Wyndham from Hilton Gold or higher again. If you get a contrary DP, will you please let us know? Many thanks. ~Craig

      1. Chris

        I tried rematching from Hilton to Wyndham with no luck. So having to start again with by setting up accounts for my wife.

        1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

          Thanks for the comment, Chris. I’ve wondered whether Wyndham would accept re-matches from other programs or not. That’s disappointing although maybe not too surprising. It’s also a good reminder to everyone that it’s vitally important to use their Caesars status to re-match their Wyndham status back up during January before Caesars status resets on Feb 1.

          I wonder whether Wyndham would re-match if you had status from a different program other than Hilton to use?

          I hope everything goes smoothly with getting your wife’s accounts set up and matched – best of luck! ~Craig

  4. Lee

    We always book our vegas trip at end of month and few,days of next month. That way you take,advantage of diamond,shows,2x instead of just,1x.

  5. Deb

    I updated my account at Wyndam using the Caesar’s Rewards diamond before it expired (January 28!) and it updated to diamond immediately.
    Last weekend (Feb 1) I went to Ceasar’s website and used Wyndam diamond status to upgrade. I didn’t get any update and I know it takes 7 days but we are going in a few weeks and I just want to make sure I get that $100 celebration certificate in the account beforehand. I emailed Caesars on their website, they e-mailed me the same day requested the Wyndam number, I gave it and 24 hours later I am now Caesar’s Diamond 🙂 AWESOME!!! Thank you again!!!

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Deb – Great news! Thanks for the DP. I’m glad you got under the wire with your re-match back to Wyndham – that was close! Nice job being resourceful and talking to the Caesars customer service people to expedite your re-match to Caesars Diamond in plenty of time for your trip. You’re most welcome, and have fun in Vegas! ~Craig

    2. Brett

      thanks for that email suggestion. I had waited 10 days and it still wasn’t matched so was getting bummed out. Emailed them last night and today I’m back to Diamond.

  6. iahphx

    I’m had urgency in my Caesar’s status match as I’m headed to Vegas in a few days. I matched on February 1 and the website said your Diamond status will be upgraded in 7 days, but nothing happened for a few days. I called the program and they said go to the Caesar’s website without logging in, and click on the “send an email” link on the bottom of the page. That prompts you to log in and compose your email. Within 24 hours of sending my email (short and sweet, explaining the situation and giving them my Wyndham Rewards number), I was Caesar’s Diamond.
    BTW, once you make your reservation, it makes sense to re-check rates online as often as you are willing to. Every single time, I’ve eventually gotten my room cheaper. You have to first cancel your existing reservation and then re-book (you might be able to call, but that seems more cumbersome). I’ve yet to get a COMP (completely free) room, but I’ve paid less than $20/night most of the time. Obviously, weekends will tend to be more expensive, so if you’re using Vegas as a springboard for a longer trip to the Southwest, or have travel flexibility, try to time your stays in Vegas midweek. In addition to getting the astronomical “resort fee” waived, the free parking at all Caesar’s properties is great. Parking now seems to be about $15 otherwise. It tips the scales in favor of renting a car for your time in Vegas. Note that rates at the airport can be dirt cheap (I’ve been paying about $13/day lately) but the airport taxes usually wind up being about 100%. You can try renting the car in town and returning to the airport to save the taxes, but it’s much harder (but not necessarily impossible) to find a cheapo rate this way.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi iahphx – Great DP on getting some manual customer service intervention to help with your urgent upgrade and how to do it. Many thanks for sharing your experience. In general, I’ve found the Caesars customer service people to be very good and helpful, and virtually all DPs I’ve seen say the same.

      Also, solid tip on re-checking rates. I’ve not had the same experience as you in Vegas with rates going down often – but that may be because our stays tend to be on weekends, and often on popular weekends when the hotels fill up more. That said, a couple of times we’ve found lower rates by re-checking. As you say, midweek stays in Vegas are way better, rate-wise.

      Thanks again for the great comment and insights! ~Craig

  7. Jim

    Has anyone been upgraded to Caesar’s Platinum from this match? I am still waiting, no rush, but just curious what others are experiencing.

  8. Dan Santos

    Yes, I was able to rematch from Wyndham to Caesar’s Diamond. I did it on Feb 1st and it took about 4 days (including weekend) before I got upgraded. I didn’t get an official email from Caesars but I kept checking my online account everyday, and boom, it was there on the 4th day.

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