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Our First Impressions as Hyatt Globalist – Wow!

hyatt world of hyatt globalist elite status loyalty program concierge hyatt regency seattle
Middle Age Miles is currently at the Hyatt Regency Seattle,
in our first stay as Hyatt Globalist members!


Early last year, we reviewed our hotel loyalty elite status plans and decided on a first-for-us ambitious plan to try to reach Hyatt Globalist status during 2019. In deciding where to place our stays for the year, it looked like we could achieve one of these 2 combinations – (1) Hyatt Globalist plus Marriott Platinum; or (2) Hyatt Explorist plus Marriott Titanium. [In addition, we would have Hilton Diamond status by virtue of holding the Amex Hilton Honors Aspire card.] We chose option #1, Hyatt Globalist plus Marriott Platinum.

We discussed our strategy thoughts and options for 2019 at length in this article:

The challenges to making it to Hyatt Globalist include (a) Hyatt’s global footprint is an order of magnitude smaller than that of Marriott or Hilton, so there may not be properties where you need to stay; and (b) the 60-night threshold is tough to hit, especially considering that you only earn 5 elite nights per year by holding the Chase World of Hyatt card (you can earn additional elite nights through spend, but the burden is high; it takes $5,000 in spend to score 2 additional elite nights).

But indeed, we qualified for Hyatt Globalist and Marriott Platinum during 2019, crossing the 60-night Globalist threshold on our last Hyatt stay of the year in mid-December.

We’ve been anxious to try out our Globalist benefits. How would things work with our new Hyatt Globalist concierge? Would we be able in the real world to apply great-sounding benefits like confirmed suite upgrades? What would happen when we had an actual Hyatt stay?

Well, we’re in the midst of our first Hyatt stay of 2020, and so far, all we can say is wow. Hyatt has treated us remarkably well so far as Globalists. It’s been a big cut above any other loyalty program benefits we’ve experienced. We know it won’t be perfect every time, but the early results already tell us that our friends were right to persuade us that it was worth the effort to go for Globalist last year.

Initial Contact from Our Hyatt Globalist Concierge

We finished the Hyatt stay where we achieved Globalist status on Friday, December 20, 2019.

On Monday, December 23, we received a message from our Hyatt Globalist concierge. She introduced herself, welcomed us to the program, provided her contact details, and offered her services.

Based on this first contact from our concierge, we were already impressed.

Our First Hyatt Globalist Concierge Call

On our first Hyatt Globalist concierge call, our concierge got us upgraded to a suite at
the Hotel Sofia in Barcelona – which should be at least this lovely Junior King Suite!

In the interests of efficiency, we were saving up a few items that we hoped our Hyatt Globalist concierge could handle all at once – a request to apply a confirmed suite upgrade, and three Guest of Honor bookings.

For starters, when we called, the concierge answered our call on our first try. We know that this can’t possibly happen every time, but it was quite a nice touch to know that she’ll answer if she’s available. More realistically, we understand from other Globalists that it’s more likely that you’ll need to leave a message and await a return call, or that it may work better to handle things with the concierge via email. On this occasion, being our first request of our concierge, we wanted to make it more personal.

We started our call with the concierge with what we believed would be our most challenging request – trying to apply a confirmed suite upgrade to a 4-night points stay, during the height of summer tourist season, at the popular Hotel Sofia in Barcelona (a boutique hotel that’s part of Hyatt’s Unbound Collection). (Also, hat tip here to Matthew of Live and Let’s Fly for his great review of Hotel Sofia that inspired us to focus on it for our Barcelona stay.)

The concierge said that she’d put us on hold while she called the hotel to see if she could confirm the upgrade (at almost midnight Barcelona time). We were on hold for less than 10 minutes, and then the concierge returned with great news – she had confirmed our suite upgrade with the hotel. Now, when we view our reservation for Hotel Sofia online, we can see the notation that a suite upgrade has indeed been confirmed (“Stex Cnfrmd Per Blanka at Hotel”).

Although the exact suite type is not shown in our reservation, it looks like we’ll be upgraded to at least the Junior Suite King pictured above, as this is the lowest-tier suite shown on the Hotel Sofia website. And, I suppose it’s possible we’ll be upgraded to an even nicer suite on arrival given our status, if something is available.

Next, we asked our concierge to make 3 Guest of Honor reservations for upcoming trips where we’ll be traveling with family – one domestic and two international. One of these reservations even had an additional twist – we wanted to use points for most of the stay but 1 night with a 15,000-point free night certificate. Our concierge made each of these reservations effectively and efficiently, and we had confirmation emails for each stay within minutes. And the stay where we used a free night certificate for one night plus points for others came through as a single reservation, which is extremely convenient.

One of our Guest of Honor reservations is for the new
Hyatt Centric The Liberties hotel in Dublin

Within a half-hour, our concierge had taken care of us with a fantastic confirmed suite upgrade on an award stay during a high-demand time in Barcelona and nailed down 3 Guest of Honor reservations, including one with a twist. Again, we were impressed and felt quite valued as Globalist members.

Our First Globalist Stay – Hyatt Regency Seattle

We’re currently at the Hyatt Regency Seattle, on our first Globalist stay. This is a new hotel, just opened in December 2018. It’s the largest hotel in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve previously reviewed the Hyatt Regency Seattle, in this article:

Our treatment as Globalist at the HR Seattle has been nothing short of spectacular. First, several days in advance of our stay, a “VIP Manager” emailed us. She recognized us as a repeat guest and asked if we needed anything for our stay. I let her know that it was our first stay as Globalist, and we were very excited about it. I also told her that we were hopeful that a suite upgrade would be available as I work remotely from the room during our stays here.

Within 24 hours, the VIP Manager emailed back to let us know that she had confirmed us in advance into an Executive Suite (and we didn’t use one of our 4 confirmed suite upgrades).

The other advance “ask” I had for the VIP Manager was for daily housekeeping. As you saw if you read our hotel review, this has been an issue for us on past stays. The HR Seattle doesn’t do daily housekeeping unless you request it, and we had several stays where we had to make multiple requests to get it done. Anyhow, this time the VIP Manager responded that she had set up our room for daily housekeeping and that she would put this request into our profile for all future stays at the HR Seattle as well. She even agreed to note our preferred housekeeping time of 9:00 am.

And, impressively, housekeeping came to our room this morning shortly after 8:30 am.

Turning back to the suite upgrade – We checked in to the HR Seattle a little after 3:30 pm. The suite to which we were originally assigned was not ready yet (even though we were past check-in time; maybe the result of another Globalist using late check-out). But the agent at the World of Hyatt elite desk found us another suite that was available for immediate check-in – on the top 45th floor of the hotel, no less. We got our keys and headed up.

The Executive Suite from our upgrade is awesome. Not only is it on the top floor of our hotel (one guy I met on the elevator asked if we could see the North Pole from our room!), it faces Puget Sound, which is the money-shot view in Seattle, especially from this height. The Executive Suites are advertised at 800-1,100 square feet, and this one must be at least 1,000. Among other things, it has a separate bedroom from living/dining room, it has an 8-person dining table, and it has 2 full baths. We may be very spoiled very quickly!

To give you a visual of the Executive Suite and how nice it is, I took an array of pictures:

Hyatt Regency Seattle Executive Suite – looking from the entryway into the living/dining room
Hyatt Regency Seattle Executive Suite – living/dining room
Hyatt Regency Seattle Executive Suite – bedroom
Hyatt Regency Seattle Executive Suite – bedroom 65-inch TV & small desk
Hyatt Regency Seattle Executive Suite – master bathroom
Hyatt Regency Seattle Executive Suite – master bathroom shower & tub
Hyatt Regency Seattle Executive Suite – vanity in master bathroom
Hyatt Regency Seattle Executive Suite – closet between bedroom & master bathroom
Hyatt Regency Seattle Executive Suite – closet between bedroom & master bathroom
Hyatt Regency Seattle Executive Suite – second bathroom
Hyatt Regency Seattle Executive Suite – shower in second bathroom
Hyatt Regency Seattle Executive Suite – cabinet, sink & coffee maker in entryway
(there’s another cabinet that includes a mini-fridge underneath)
Hyatt Regency Seattle Executive Suite – nighttime view of Seattle
Hyatt Regency Seattle Executive Suite – daytime view of Seattle & Puget Sound
Hyatt Regency Seattle Executive Suite – I think Philly likes it!


As you can tell, we’ve been incredibly pleased with our experiences as Hyatt Globalist so far. It’s been everything we expected and more. It’s certainly been the most valued that we’ve felt in any loyalty program. We know it won’t be like this every time, and even at that, we’re very happy with the status so far.

What are your experiences as a Hyatt Globalist member? And for those of you who would like to achieve Globalist in 2020, what’s your plan? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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14 thoughts on “Our First Impressions as Hyatt Globalist – Wow!

  1. Brett

    How exciting! My 2020 goal is Hyatt Globalist via MS and points stats on the WOH credit card. I have 12 nights credited already.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Thanks Brett! Nice start toward getting to Globalist this year. The ability to earn elite nights through spend on the WoH card can really help. I bet this will be great for you and your family. ~Craig

  2. Brett

    I, like you, did not want to unload gift cards at WM. After the demise of mcgc on plastiq though I was forced to in order to execute my globalist plan. I have to say……it’s been fairly easy. The Simon Mall reps have been so friendly ($1000 gift cards for $3.95 makes MS so easy) and buying MO at WM has not been as hard as I thought. Most days I can get out in 20 min. My staff scans the deposits into my bank. If you are still looking to MS elite status or reward nights I encourage you to consider this route. It’s actually pretty fun!

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      That’s awesome that you’ve found a MS-friendly WM where you can get in and out fairly quickly, along with a bank that allows easy MO deposits. Great way to get yourself to Globalist! ~Craig

  3. Grant

    I’m glad WOH is treating you so nicely. Hopefully it last for the rest of the year.

    Laura and I are staying at the Hyatt Centric The Liberties hotel in Dublin next month for her Spring Break, so I will let you know how it is. Pretty cheap at only 12K WOH points / night, I believe.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hey Grant – I know that it won’t be so great all the time as Hyatt Globalist, but hopefully it’ll continue to be good.

      Very cool that you’re staying at Hyatt Centric The Liberties in Dublin! I can’t wait to hear about your experience there. Yes, it’s remarkably cheap on points. For our upcoming stay, though, we found an even better paid rate (just 120 Euro/night), so we booked our own room on that and just used points for a Guest of Honor reservation for the son and daughter-in-law that will be with us.

      I’m excited for your Ireland trip! ~Craig

      1. Grant

        That’s a pretty good rate. When we are going, the current member rate & AAA rate is 207 EUR, so it made sense to use WOH points. plus Laura had a lot of WOH points in her account from the WOH CC bonus, so I didn’t need to transfer over any Chase UR.

        After 2 nights there, we will stay at 4 different Radisson Blu hotels around Ireland (used up my stash of 150k Radisson points).

        Are you going for a Notre Dame football weekend?

        1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

          That’s a brilliant plan to use your Radisson points on the Ireland trip. I stole your idea and did some looking around to see if any of their hotels squared with our travel plans while we’re there. It’s not the best fit, but maybe we could do a night in Limerick or Cork.

          Yes, we’re going for the Notre Dame vs Navy football game, which is on Aug 29. Our stay at the HC Liberties is during the week after the game, just before we fly back home.

          1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

            I definitely remember reading your post about SFO-DUB a few months ago, but I had forgotten the details. This is a very good reminder of an outstanding way to maximize redemption value. Plus, nice score to get on the non-stop flights! Great article.

  4. Harlan V.

    Love this! If I ever deviate from Hilton, it’ll definitely be to Hyatt. Really enjoyed reading your impressions and the photos – Philly looks so tiny in that gigantic suite! Glad you’re enjoying your travels. Love reading your posts.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Thanks Harlan! You made me laugh with the comment about tiny Philly in the gigantic suite 🙂 So true! Work travel to Seattle isn’t too glamorous for her but I get to hang out and enjoy the hotel all day so it’s not too bad for me 🙂 ~Craig

  5. Diane

    I obtained Globalist in December also. I did not receive a call from a concierge, (or maybe with the holidays I missed it).

    Is a specific concierge assigned to you? Should I just call Hyatt and ask to be assigned one. Want to start planning my stays for the rest of the year and would appreciate any benefits that using a concierge could provide.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Diane – Congratulations on getting to Globalist! It’s too bad that your experience hasn’t been as good as ours so far. Note that our original contact from our concierge came via email, not a call.

      Yes, we have a specific concierge assigned to us. My best guess about how to find yours would be to send a Twitter DM to @HyattConcierge. Failing that, maybe call the Hyatt Globalist line at 888-994-9288. Good luck and have fun enjoying your Globalist benefits! ~Craig

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