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Activate Your Payce In-Store Cashback Offers for February

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Payce (www.paycepays.com) is a cash-back program that includes in-store cashback bonus offers as well as an online shopping portal. In-store cashback offers are generally for 5% cash back, and they’re available at a number of merchants (roughly 30-35 each month in our accounts). You must re-enroll in the in-store cashback offers at the beginning of each month. Once you enroll, the offer stays in place through the last day of the month.

Today’s article is a reminder to everyone to re-enroll in the Payce in-store cashback offers today for February if you haven’t already done so.

We’ve been experimenting with Payce for the past few months, and we expect to publish a more detailed report on it soon.

Payce In-Store Cashback Offers for February

We received 34 in-store cashback offers in our Payce account for February. These offers may vary by user and geography, so the offers you see may be different from ours.

Here are the offers we received for February:

Using Payce In-Store Cashback Offers

To qualify for in-store cash back with Payce, you’ll have to link your credit card to your Payce account, activate the offer for the merchant, and then use your linked card to pay for your purchase in-store at that merchant.

Note that the express terms of the Payce program exclude gift card purchases from earning cash back through the in-store offers. This provision may or may not be applied. We have had some success with receiving cash back for in-store GC purchases, and we’ll explore that subject more in a future article.

Another thing to know about Payce is that it takes a very, very long time for cash back to actually post. We have now received payments from Payce – but in general it took at least 2 months for the cash back to move from “Pending” status to “Posted” and then even longer for the cash back to be paid. Again, we’ll tackle this subject in more detail in a future article.

$5 Payce Sign-Up Bonus

Payce has recently introduced an app that’s available for Apple and Android devices, and it’s tying its $5 sign-up bonus to new enrollment through the app. Steps are:

  • Download the Payce app and create a new account before 3/31/2020;
  • Maintain the account in good standing; and
  • Earn any amount of cash back with Payce from a purchase made from now through 3/31/2020.

Full terms and conditions are available here.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a referral link as Payce doesn’t appear to be supporting referrals at this time. Of course, we always appreciate it if you use our referral links for credit cards and other programs found under the “Sign-Up Links” button on our top menu.

Have you signed up for Payce? What has been your experience? Please let us know in the Comments!

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2 thoughts on “Activate Your Payce In-Store Cashback Offers for February

  1. JBTx

    Hi Craig – thanks for the introduction to Payce. One question (and you have mentioned this before) – how long does it take for them to actually pay out? It seems like it has literally been 4 months and I now have over the $10 threshold, but they have still not paid out. I realized that I had not put in my banking info. so partially my fault, but it has been 3 weeks since I did enter the info. and still no luck. Maybe they just pay out once a month?

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hey JBTx – Now that you’ve linked your bank account and crossed the payout threshold, I would expect your payout to come later this month. Payce pays out once a month, sometime in the range of the 20th-25th of each month. As you mentioned, it takes 3-4 months for Payce to pay from the date of purchase until the cash back hits your bank account. Payce can be a very valuable tool but they really test your patience. Hope this helps! ~Craig

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