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Is Marriott Bonvoy Offering Reduced Requalification Thresholds for Elite Members?

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Here’s an interesting question that I don’t believe I’ve seen addressed by any other points-and-miles blogs – Is Marriott Bonvoy offering reduced requalification thresholds for elite members?

Our own situation suggests that this might be the case, and we’re turning to our great Middle Age Miles readers and commenters for additional crowdsourced data on what might be a very interesting and helpful subject.

What I’m Seeing on My Marriott Bonvoy Account

Recently, I was strategizing with my good friend JBTx about hotel elite qualification strategy for 2020. This caused me to check my Marriott Bonvoy app on my phone. When I did, I found something quite surprising. When I looked at my account and clicked the “Nights This Year” link, here’s what I saw:

As you can see, my Marriott Bonvoy app says that I’ll need only 40 nights to renew my Titanium Elite status, and 65 nights to achieve Ambassador Elite status (I suspect that I would still have to hit the $20k spend threshold for Ambassador, which won’t happen.)

If the information on my app is correct, it’s great news for my requalification strategy. We’ll be able to reach 40 nights with Marriott without much trouble this year. But reaching the normal Platinum threshold of 50 nights would be difficult and the normal Titanium threshold of 75 nights would be darn near impossible for us, particularly given our recent focus on Hyatt as our primary loyalty program of choice.

By contrast, my regular online account doesn’t show any reduced earning thresholds. It just displays “normal”-looking results as you can see from these screenshots:

Putting Things in Perspective – My Stats with Marriott Bonvoy

We’re wondering whether reduced requalifiction thresholds may be a benefit that Marriott is quietly extending to some elite members. To put my situation into perspective:

  • I earned Titanium with 100+ elite qualifying nights in 2018
    • Although, this was not nearly 100+ actual hotel nights; I had credit card nights, stays from the SPG program where multiple simultaneous rooms counted, rollover nights from the previous year, and probably some other “not real nights” that I’m not thinking of at the moment
  • In 2019, I had “only” 54 nights and have been expecting to be re-classified as Platinum
    • Breakdown was 15 credit card nights + 10 nights from a meeting (an actual meeting for a family wedding reception) + 29 actual head-in-bed nights
  • So far in 2020 (as of Feb 11), I’m still showing as a Titanium member
    • Given that my status hasn’t dropped, I’m wondering if Marriott Bonvoy gave me a reduced requalification threshold last year and I’ll stay as Titanium for all of 2020, or if my account just hasn’t hit its reset date yet and I’ll soon go down to Platinum
  • I have lifetime status of 583 nights and 7 years of Platinum or higher
    • Remember that Marriott Bonvoy added nights and years from both the Marriott Rewards and SPG programs – I probably had 3 years of Platinum-equivalent or higher with SPG and 4 years with Marriott Rewards
    • I also have 9 years as Gold or higher and 18 years as Silver or higher

So, I have a pretty solid overall history with Marriott (and SPG). I had a good year with Marriott Bonvoy in 2019, legitimately re-qualifying for Platinum status on nights, but I didn’t come close to the normal 75-night Titanium threshold. Some or all of this history may have come into play if I’ve actually been extended a reduced Titanium requalification threshold for 2020.


So do I really have a reduced requalification threshold for Titanium status in 2020, or are the numbers I’m seeing in my Marriott Bonvoy app just a glitch.

If it’s truly a reduced requalification threshold that extends to other Marriott Bonvoy elite members, we think this is big news. Of course, Marriott formally eliminated the rollover nights program in recent years, but perhaps there’s an unwritten-rule program that’s serving as a quasi-replacement.

Please share your data points in the Comments if you’re a Marriott Platinum or Titanium member, whether you’re seeing a reduced requalification threshold in your Marriott Bonvoy app or not. Thank you! We think this is of great interest to readers if it’s true. And either way, it certainly impacts our own requalification strategy for 2020!

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17 thoughts on “Is Marriott Bonvoy Offering Reduced Requalification Thresholds for Elite Members?

  1. Raz

    Mine says Titanium Elite at 22 nights. I am currently plat and I have 0 nights so far this year. Last year I had 53 nights so the 22 nights to titanium showing in the app could just be last year’s info that didn’t update yet.

  2. Rob

    I’ve been Titanium level for a few years, but only reached 52 nights in 2019 (15 CC, 10 Meeting, 27 real). Also have been expecting an imminent downgrade to Platinum, but still showing as Titanium. Nights detail on the mobile app showing Renew Titanium at 38 nights and Ambassador elite at 63 nights. So far this year I only have the 15 CC nights and also have zero nights booked. My online login, like yours, also shows no hint of these lower thresholds. Taking a screen shot just in case…you never know.

  3. FindAWay

    My money says it is a simply glitch. Perhaps they’re in the midst of updating status for 2020 and odd outputs are being shown.

    I believe every datapoint matches this formula:

    Renew at nights.

    NUM = Total Annual Nights Required to Earn Status –less– 2019 Total Nights Earned ++plus++ 2019 Nights Earned from Credit Card.

    1. FindAWay

      I realize Craig’s numbers from 2019 don’t quite fit this…maybe 4 of his were manually added after Marriott glitches or something? IDK, just blame Marriott’s IT. But, I still think it is merely a glitch.

    2. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi FindAWay – I see what you’re saying. I think your formula fits the DPs from Raz and Rob. Not enough info to tell with SteveH’s DP. On my own DP, your formula would fit if there was a slight adjustment at the end – instead of just ++plus++ credit card nights, mine would be ++plus++ 2020 credit card nights + 2020 nights stayed. 75 Titanium – 54 nights in 2019 = 21. Then 21 + 15 credit card nights in 2020 + 4 head-in-bed nights 2020 = 40 nights to Titanium. Similar calculation for Ambassador. Weird calculation but the numbers would fit. Really good observation and many thanks for sharing it! ~Craig

  4. SteveH

    So yesterday, my app said “Ambassador Elite at 43 Nights”. I had three nights credit today and now my app says “Ambassador Elite at 46 Nights” so it seems to be raising the bar on me.
    To add to it, the website says “26 NIGHTS THIS YEAR / 24 nights + 18,963 USD to Ambassador” and on the Nights Detail page says “0 nights needed to renew Titanium Elite”.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Many thanks, Steve. This is looking more and more like a glitch. The changes to your account seem to follow the formula that FindAWay and I were working out yesterday afternoon in the Comments.

      I really appreciate your contributions to this discussion. ~Craig

      1. SteveH

        I feel like someone is just updating the live site and testing things along the way and then correcting them when they realize they are wrong. In the 5 minutes since i posted my earlier comment, where the website said “24 nights + 18,963 USD to Ambassador” has disappeared.

  5. Robert Coit

    I am platinum. Mine app says renew at 29 nights. I posted the issue to Marriott Insiders about a week ago and no one has responded with an explanation.

  6. Paul

    Marriott doesn’t reset elites until 3/1. You’ll probably see the correct numbers then. I’m waiting to see if there’s still a soft landing for Titaniums who didn’t re-qualify for Platinum. If that’s the case, I’ll make Lifetime Plat in 2021 regardless of what I do this year.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Paul – Thanks for the insight and comment. I think Marriott has traditionally done soft landings as you describe, so I hope they follow suit this year. Lifetime Platinum would be quite valuable for sure! ~Craig

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Rob – It seems like Marriott status has not yet reset this year. I’m in pretty much the same boat as you – still showing Titanium (as of 3/6/20) even though I only had 54 nights last year. ~Craig

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