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How to Transfer Hyatt Points Between Accounts, and How Long Does It Take?

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World of Hyatt has a very customer-friendly policy of allowing transfers of points between accounts. We used this process for the first time this week. We’d been a bit anxious about it, but the process went smoothly and quickly. In light of our positive experience, we thought it would be helpful to share with Middle Age Miles readers how to transfer points and our data point about how long it took.

Transfers of Hyatt Points in General

World of Hyatt allows members to transfer points from one Hyatt account to another (“combine points”). You can’t do a transfer directly online; rather, you’ll have to fill out a “Point combining request form” that’s available on the World of Hyatt website, sign it and either email it or snail-mail it to Hyatt (I’m not sure why anyone would choose to snail-mail it!).

The “Point combining request form” is available at the World of Hyatt “Purchase, Share & Gift Points” web page:

Alternatively, you may be able to download the form directly here:

The “Point combining request form” looks like this:

As you can see, you’ll need the sending and receiving members’ names, World of Hyatt numbers, phone numbers, mailing addresses, email addresses, and signatures on the form, along with the number of points you’d like to transfer. Once you complete the form, you can email it to worldofhyatt@hyatt.com for processing. Or, you can snail-mail it to Hyatt at the address provided on the form.

Hyatt lists two main restrictions on points transfers:

  • You’re supposed to combine points only to redeem an award. In various places on the “Point combining request form” you’ll see this language:
    • “Two World of Hyatt members are eligible to combine points to redeem an award.” (emphasis added)
    • “Member may combine the necessary number of points from their World of Hyatt account with those in one other specifically designated World of Hyatt account in order to have a sufficient number of points to redeem a particular award.” (emphasis added)
    • “Only the number of points necessary to redeem the specific award for which the transfer is being requested may be combined.”
  • A member may only participate in one point combining transaction once every 30 days (either as the person transferring points or as the person receiving points)

In practice, it doesn’t appear that Hyatt strictly enforces the requirements that a transfer can only be made to redeem an particular reward or that the exact number of points transferred must be necessary in order to redeem the specific reward. There’s no place on the form to identify the redemption that you plan to make with the transferred points. And strict enforcement of these requirements would be hard to police in any event. It makes sense to have these requirements in place, however, to prevent abuse of this customer-friendly points transfer feature.

Our Hyatt Points Transfer Request

We’ve been making a number of Hyatt points reservations for upcoming international trips, so we wanted to transfer points from Philly’s World of Hyatt account to mine. We make all of our own Hyatt reservations through my account, since we have Globalist status on my account. But we’d accumulated several thousand points in Philly’s account through the Hyatt-AA partnership and an occasional second paid room that we put in Philly’s name so it could earn points.

In our situation, the points transfer we requested wasn’t strictly tied to a specific redemption or strictly necessary for any specific redemption. We actually made our award bookings before we requested the transfer, topping off my Hyatt account with transfers from Chase Ultimate Rewards as needed. We weren’t sure how long the Hyatt points transfer would take, and we wanted to make the reservations as soon as possible while award bookings were available. That said, our points transfer request was very much aligned with and in the same time frame as several award redemptions.

We completed the “Point combining request form” asking to transfer 18,000 points from Philly’s account to mine and emailed it to Hyatt mid-afternoon on February 19, 2020. Here’s the email that we sent:

Note that the receiver of the transfer (me) sent the transfer request. That didn’t cause any issues.

Impressively, Hyatt responded same-day before midnight:

And even though Hyatt’s email response said that the request may take up to 2 weeks before it gets processed, the points transfer was dated same-day, February 19 (I didn’t see the message until the morning of February 20, but I can confirm that the points had been deposited into my account and were available for redemption then):

So, our transfer was completed and the transferred points were available very quickly. If we’d known for sure that this process was so smooth and quick, we could have waited to make our reservations and saved transferring several thousand Chase UR points to Hyatt!

We’re very excited that our upcoming travels will take us to the famed
Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris – on points! [image courtesy Hyatt]

The timing of our transfer was consistent with similar quick results reported by Ben (Lucky) of One Mile At A Time in his article from a little over a year ago (January 27, 2019). Ben reported that he received a response and his points transfer was completed “within 24 hours” of emailing his points combining request form.

Hyatt Globalists May Use Points Transfer with Guest of Honor Reservations

One great benefit of Hyatt’s generous points-transfer feature would be to use it in connection with Guest of Honor reservations. Under the Hyatt “Guest of Honor” program, when a Globalist member makes an award reservation for someone else, the recipient of the award will be treated as a “Guest of Honor” and receive all in-hotel benefits that would have been provided to the Globalist if the Globalist were the actual guest. (That said, we keep reading that Guest of Honor privileges are inconsistently applied in practice. We’ll learn more when we have our first Guest of Honor reservations this summer.)

A word of warning, though – We would be very careful about potentially abusing this privilege. We highly suggest that you limit the number of people with whom you transfer points, as well as the number of people for whom you make Guest of Honor award reservations. Keep it to family and close friends, and for goodness’ sake, don’t buy or sell points or Guest of Honor reservations! The Guest of Honor and points transfer features are wonderful to treat family and closest friends, and we do not want these benefits to go away because of actual or perceived abuse!

What’s your experience with World of Hyatt points transfers and Guest of Honor reservations? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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2 thoughts on “How to Transfer Hyatt Points Between Accounts, and How Long Does It Take?

  1. HS

    Had a very similar positive experience a year back, though it might have taken until the second business day.

    The one small thing I can add is that in filling out the form you show on-line, we did not bother to print it and sign the signatures by hand and then photograph it again (or scan it, or whatever), but just used the script font in Adobe Acrobat (or something like that) to “write” our names. I.e., I’m not sure the transferring partner — my wife — was anywhere around when this all got done.

    So, yeah, in practice the whole thing is faster and easier than it would appear at first blush.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hey HS – Many thanks for the additional DP on Hyatt points transfers. That’s very convenient that using digital signatures worked. (I hope that the possibility of using digital signatures doesn’t increase the chances of potential mischief if a bad actor gets their hands on our Hyatt account numbers, though!) ~Craig

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