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Re-Match MLife Gold Status to Hyatt Explorist (or Pearl to Discoverist), After Hyatt’s March 1 Status Reset

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At Middle Age Miles, we love status matches, and we especially love program partnerships that allow status to be re-matched again and again. The two major Las Vegas resort chains (Caesars and MGM) each have ongoing partnerships with major hotel chains that provide great status-match opportunities.

We’ve written extensively about the Caesars-Wyndham partnership and how to status match between Caesars Diamond status and Wyndham Rewards Diamond, including here, here and here.

We’ve also written about how to use MGM’s MLife program to generate Explorist status with Hyatt (note that status matches no longer automatically receive the Hyatt club lounge access awards that we mentioned in that article), and that’s the area we want to come back to today.

MLife-Hyatt Status Matches and Timing

MLife and World of Hyatt status matches work like this:

If you’re a Hyatt elite member and you want to match your status to MLife, go to this World of Hyatt webpage, and your matching levels are as follows:

As for the reverse – if you’re a MLife elite member and you want to match your status to World of Hyatt – go to this MGM/MLife webpage, and the matching elite levels are Pearl-to-Discoverist and Gold/Platinum/Noir-to-Explorist. The MGM/MLife webpage explains here:

Importantly, if you can ever achieve an Hyatt or MLife elite status level, you are able to match your status back and forth indefinitely (at least as the program is set up now). That’s because the MLife and Hyatt programs operate on different rewards qualification calendars:

  • The MLife program year is October 1 to September 30, and elite status resets on October 1 each year
  • The World of Hyatt status year is January 1 to December 31, and elite status resets on March 1 each year

Thus, for example, if you had Hyatt Explorist and MLife Gold status but didn’t re-qualify for MLife Gold, then on or after October 1 you could use your Explorist status to re-match back up to MLife Gold. Next, if you didn’t have enough elite nights at Hyatt to re-qualify for Explorist during that calendar year, then on or after March 1 when your Hyatt status resets, you can go back and use your MLife Gold status to re-match back up to Hyatt Explorist.

Given that we’ve just passed March 1 and Hyatt status levels have reset, it’s time to go back into our accounts and use our MLife elite status to re-match to Hyatt!

How to Use MLife Elite Status to Match to Hyatt Elite Status

The only part of the matching/re-matching process that’s hard is finding the correct web page for the match. Otherwise, it’s an easy and straightforward process.

We’ll use Philly’s recent re-match from MLife Gold to Hyatt Explorist as our example.

The first thing to note is that, as of March 1, Philly’s Hyatt status had been downgraded from Explorist to Discoverist. (This was somewhat interesting in itself, as Hyatt “soft-landed” her to Discoverist, even though she didn’t have enough nights during 2019 to qualify for Discoverist.)

Thus, we would need to match her back up to Hyatt Explorist. Here’s the best way to do the match:

First, go to the regular MLife webpage and log in to your MLife account:

Next, use this link to open another window in the same browser where you’ve already logged in to MLife:

Scroll down to the World of Hyatt Tier Match section, and click the “Click Here to Opt In” button.

And … the status match should be instant. After we clicked the “Opt In” button, we were taken to this screen confirming that Philly had been re-matched to Hyatt Explorist status:

And there you have it!

One Additional Note About This Year’s Match

When we logged back in to Philly’s World of Hyatt account later to confirm that the match to Explorist had indeed worked, we found something interesting. We had expected the match to give her Explorist status through February 2021 (as shown in the initial confirmation above). But, to our pleasant surprise, her World of Hyatt account shows that she has Explorist status for an extra year, through February 28, 2022!

Reminder of Hyatt Explorist Benefits

As a quick reminder, here are some key benefits of Hyatt Explorist status that aren’t available at lower World of Hyatt status levels:

  • 20% bonus points-earning on stays
  • Upgraded Room, subject to availability at check-in (excluding suites and rooms with club lounge access)
  • MLife Gold status match
  • One free “Week of Wellbeing” (unlimited fitness classes and retail/spa discounts at a participating Exhale spa location)
  • 72-hour guaranteed availability

In addition, Explorists get these benefits that are also available to Discoverist members:

  • Premium Internet
  • Bottled water
  • Elite check-in
  • 2:00 pm late checkout (as available)
  • American Airlines AAdvantage bonus (1 AA mile/qualifying dollar of spend) and possible offers from AA for status challenges

Note that Explorist status used to come with 4 club lounge access awards, but those now have to be earned as Milestone Rewards based on Hyatt elite nights (2 awards after 20 nights in a calendar year; 2 additional awards after 30 nights).

We’ve found that Hyatt Explorist status isn’t the strongest mid-tier status, as it doesn’t include breakfast. But when staying as Explorist last year, we were almost always given “upgraded” rooms on a higher floor and/or with a better view, and we occasionally received an upgrade to a larger room (but not a suite).


We really like these status-match opportunities that we can keep rolling over time to get some extra benefits and improve the quality of our stays. We hope you can keep the benefits rolling too!

Have you done the Hyatt-MLife status matches? What’s your experience been like? Please share with us and other Middle Age Miles readers in the Comments!

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7 thoughts on “Re-Match MLife Gold Status to Hyatt Explorist (or Pearl to Discoverist), After Hyatt’s March 1 Status Reset

  1. jasonalanmorgan

    Thanks for the reminder… I had forgotten! My wife and I also moved to 2022. Oddly enough, when I clicked the Opt in to match, the screen populated and showed 2022, then changed to 2021 within less than a second. I refreshed, same thing. I refreshed a 3rd time and it stayed 2022. Not sure what was up with that.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Jason – I’m glad the reminder helped and that your matches worked! That’s a weird situation with the dates changing on you, but I’m glad it settled on 2022. ~Craig

  2. BradB

    If you match to Explorist do you still need 60 nights head in bed to reach Globalist? Craig, appreciate all that you guys do. Keep up the great work!

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi BradB – Thanks for the comment and kind words, and good question. Yes, you still need 60 elite nights to reach Globalist, even if you match to Explorist.

      If you’re going for Globalist, the match basically allows you to have Explorist status for nights 1-30, which might make those stays a little nicer. ~Craig

  3. Miles

    I have varying levels of status with several other hotel chains, including Best Western, Caesars, Hilton, IHG, Radisson and Wyndham. Can any of those be used to get onto this Hyatt-MLife carousel?

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi ssss – Hyatt stopped providing club access awards for those matching to Explorist from MLife at the end of Feb 2019. Hope that helps! ~Craig

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