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Southwest Extending Flight Schedule Tomorrow Morning (Mar 12) – Tickets for Sale Through Oct 30

southwest flight schedule open extend extension march 12 morning tickets fares through october 30

Executive Summary

Here’s a heads-up that tomorrow morning (Thursday, March 12), Southwest will open its schedule for ticket purchases for flights through October 30, 2020.

Why are we so excited about this particular schedule opening? Because it extends the schedule into college football season, of course!

Up to now, the Southwest schedule was open through 8/10/2020. This new extension was originally set to take place in mid-February, but Southwest delayed the extension by a few weeks.

What Time Tomorrow Will Tickets Go on Sale?

We don’t know exactly, as Southwest does not announce an exact time in advance, and its historical release times have varied.

Thanks to Reddit user SouthFayetteFan of the Reddit Churning group, we have some historical information on Southwest’s previous release times (in the March 10 Daily Discussion Thread), which may give us some idea of when tickets may be released tomorrow:

  • The release on 12/11/19 went live at 9:10 am Eastern / 8:10 am Central / 6:10 am Pacific
  • The release on 10/30/19 went live at 7:15 am Eastern / 6:15 am Central / 4:15 am Pacific
  • The release on 9/26/19 went live at 7:30 am Eastern / 6:30 am Central / 4:30 am Pacific
  • The release on 8/15/19 went live at 10:41 am Eastern / 9:41 am Central / 7:41 am Pacific
  • The release on 5/30/19 went live at 9:20 am Eastern / 8:20 am Central / 6:20 am Pacific

Southwest Has No Change Fees

Remember that Southwest has the most generous change/cancellation policy among all US airlines. You can always change your flight on Southwest with no change fees. If new fare is higher, you’ll have to pay the difference. But if the new fare is lower or if you simply cancel your ticket, the excess funds remain available to you for one year from the date of your original ticket purchase, as “reusable travel funds.”

Here’s a link to the Southwest “No Change Fees” FAQs page.

Thus, as long as you’re pretty sure you’ll be flying Southwest enough to use the funds within a year, there’s virtually no downside to booking your flights early, when the schedule opens. Just be sure to keep an eye on your reservation for any fare decreases that may occur later, so that you can cancel & re-book and have the extra funds to use later!

Will you be booking Southwest flights when the schedule opens tomorrow? If you’re traveling for a college football game, who are you going to see? Please let us know in the Comments!

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2 thoughts on “Southwest Extending Flight Schedule Tomorrow Morning (Mar 12) – Tickets for Sale Through Oct 30

  1. Eva Allison

    Thanks for the information. According to me there’s no way to get best seat until you book one. I personally refreshes pages many time while booking and sometimes this trick works. The best thing i like about Southwest airlines is that they offer various loyalty programs which are collaborated to southwest Airline Partners. Like on shopping, car rentals, gift cards we can earn enough of airline miles. So, who do really care about the seating if they are getting free miles!

  2. JV13


    Thanks for the reminder. The schedule is now available and we just booked our reservations for a September trip.

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