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Applying for a Soon-to-be-Discontinued Business Card – US Bank FlexPerks Business Travel Rewards

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First, I apologize for the continued large gaps between posts. Sometimes real life takes precedence over the blog, and I’ve been buried in activities related to selling our current house and moving into our new townhouse.

Today, though, there’s a very-limited-time opportunity that I wanted to get out to all Middle Age Miles readers right away – a business card with a decent sign-up bonus and no first-year annual fee that’s being discontinued imminently.

We like these opportunities because it’s a chance to pick up some travel benefits (which we’ll hopefully be able to use eventually!) with no real downside other than a hard pull. If I’m approved, the new card won’t count against my Chase 5/24 count, which is very important to me right now as I’m several months into a focused journey to get back under 5/24 and become eligible for Chase business cards again!

The Offer

US Bank is in the process of discontinuing its FlexPerks line of cards. It closed some personal FlexPerks cards for applications earlier in March. And earlier this week, Doctor Of Credit reported that the US Bank FlexPerks Business Travel Rewards card (Business FlexPerks) would be discontinued as of Monday, March 30:

The current sign-up bonus on the Business FlexPerks card is 25,000 FlexPoints after $2,000 spend in the first 4 months. Basic features of the card are:

  • Annual fee = $0 first-year; $55 thereafter (+$10 for each employee card)
  • FlexPoints earning structure:
    • 2x FlexPoints/$ on cell phone and qualifying charitable donations
    • 2x FlexPoints/$ on one additional category where you spend the most each statement cycle, from these 3 categories – airlines, gas stations, and office supply stores
    • 1x FlexPoint/$ on everything else

One other key feature that’s critical for us is that FlexPoints may be transferred and combined with points from a US Bank Altitude Reserve card, up to a cap of 20,000 FlexPoints per year. (If we have any problems transferring points, I know to call my friend Grant at Travel With Grant for advice!) With the Altitude Reserve card, which I hold, points are worth 1.5 cents per point for travel redemptions. Thus, even though it may take me until 2021 to transfer all the points, the sign-up bonus of 25,000 FlexPoints should eventually be worth $375 in travel redemptions. It’s not earth-shattering, but if I’m approved, it’s low-hanging fruit.

Unfortunately, there’s no real appeal to the Business FlexPerks card other than the sign-up bonus. Points-earning is not best-in-class in any category or for general spend. And, after the first year with no annual fee, the card would pick up a $55 annual fee thereafter, which would make things even worse. It looks like a one-and-done card to us.

Application Link

You can apply for the Business FlexPerks card (at least for a couple more days) through the US Bank Business Cards website (not a referral link):

My Application

I applied for the Business FlexPerks card this morning, using the link we posted above. The application is for a legitimate business in its 3rd year of existence with modest income. My application went pending, and I’m supposed to hear back from US Bank within 7-10 days.

US Bank pulled my Experian credit report for this application. My stats on Experian at the time of application were:

  • Credit score = 814 (Experian FICO8 score)
  • Inquiries: 12/24; 4/12; 1/6 (only a mortgage application from 3 months ago; no credit cards

I have a personal checking account and 2 credit cards with US Bank. The 2 cards are my personal Altitude Reserve card and a Radisson Rewards business card for a different business (which has a ridiculously high credit limit, which I hope won’t cause a problem with my current application).

Fingers crossed for an approval and a new card within a few days!

Will you be applying for the Business FlexPerks card before it’s closed for new applications? Do you have any additional insights on using the card or FlexPoints for maximum effect? Please let us know in the Comments!

11 thoughts on “Applying for a Soon-to-be-Discontinued Business Card – US Bank FlexPerks Business Travel Rewards

  1. Grant

    Hi Craig, thanks for linking to my US Bank FlexPoints post. I forgot about this credit card (the earning rates are a little forgettable and it seems strange that a business card would offer 2x for charitable donations). Good luck on your application, I hope you get approved.

    Any exciting plans this weekend? It’s supposed to rain most of Sat and Sun in Sonoma County, so we will probably stay inside this weekend. But next week, we should be in the mid 70s and I will do some BBQing then 🙂

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hey Grant – I agree, it’s a very forgettable card for sure.

      We’re still in moving mode so that’s the main plan for the weekend. Not too exciting. We had long planned to go to New Mexico this weekend to visit Philly’s parents, but unfortunately that couldn’t happen.

      Hope you guys have a nice, relaxing weekend in! Next week there sounds great. Springtime for sure 🙂 We have to buy a grill for our new place so we can get back to grilling too! ~Craig

      1. Grant

        Maybe Lowe’s will have good BBQ deals for you (that is where we bought our BBQ). Hopefully you have the Lowe’s AMEX Offer for 10% cash back too 🙂

  2. Kathryn K.

    Thanks for the tip! I think I will apply for it this weekend. I’m also working on getting back under 5/24 and I’ve already gotten a lot of the decent non-Chase biz cards so good to come across another option.

    One question on the Flexperks points (and this is just from some Googling since I haven’t had a US Bank CC before), aren’t Flexperks points now worth 1.5 cpp even without transferring to the Altitude Reserve if you use them to book flights, hotels, or rental cars through the US Bank travel portal? But I definitely may be missing some nuance here…

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Kathryn – Thanks for the comment, and also thanks for your follow-up DP plus congrats on your approval!!!

      As for FlexPerks points, I believe you’re right. I think the most recent credible update on this subject is in the following article from Doctor of Credit earlier this month: https://www.doctorofcredit.com/reports-of-u-s-bank-devaluing-real-time-flexperks-rewards-to-1%C2%A2/ Doc says that US Bank devalued FlexPerks points being used through Real Time Rewards to 1 cent per point, but they’re still worth 1.5 cents when booking through the US Bank travel portal.

      For us, we like using RTR on my Altitude Reserve, so that’s probably the easiest place for us to use the points. But it looks like you’re right about 1.5 cents through the US Bank travel portal. ~Craig

      1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

        Hi Stefan – Thanks for the comments. Very good point on the Olympics bonuses, and that’s what I was hoping as well – but the imminent discontinuation of the biz card turned it into a now-or-never play. On the personal Gold, I’d like that one as well. It seems like the personal Gold will be available for a little while longer, based on what I’ve read from DoC, but I’m guessing the card won’t make it until the 2021 Olympics. I seriously thought about applying for the personal Gold card too, but I decided to hold off for now and perhaps pass entirely because I’m trying to get back under 5/24.

        I’m sorry you didn’t get to come to Dallas this weekend for the travel show! ~Craig

  3. pepe mujica

    Good luck with the Move Craig. And thanks for opening our eyes.
    I’m curios about your mortgage process with so many CC opened in last two years. Maybe you can write another post at some point with tips for applying to mortgage and playing the CC game ..

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Pepe – Thanks for the comment and the good luck wishes for our move. We’re mostly functional now in the new house and finishing up things on the sale of our old one.

      Great question on the mortgage process. Our standard advice is to hold off on new card applications for about 6 months before applying for a mortgage, and then don’t apply for any cards until after you close on the purchase. We actually followed that path pretty well for recent purchase. Philly and I each had 1 *business* card approval in the 6 months prior to applying for our mortgage, and 0 personal cards. We didn’t get a single question about cards during the mortgage process, despite our large portfolio of cards.

      I appreciate you reading Middle Age Miles! We’ll be back in the saddle soon with more articles. ~Craig

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