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[Update: Probably a False Alarm; Seems to Be Working Again] Is Bravo Dead?

bravo app dead
[2nd UPDATE as of 5/6/2020, 10:10 am Central time: Things continue to look better for Bravo. We were able to send a payment successfully yesterday evening. More importantly, this morning we received a payment sent on Monday into our bank account – standard 2-business day delivery of the funds. It’s looking more and more like yesterday’s problems were a technical glitch, although we still have some lingering anxiety.]
[UPDATE as of 5/5/2020, 6:15 pm Central time: This may have been a false alarm. We are now able to log in to our Bravo account again. A friend has confirmed his ability to log in to Bravo and make a payment. Stephen P. also confirmed that he’s able to log in. The Bravo website now shows some actual content rather than the error message we showed in our article, although at this time it’s certainly not fully functional. We hope that today’s situation was merely a technical glitch for Bravo and not an indication of real trouble. Fingers crossed! We’ll continue to post updates if there are any meaningful developments.]


The Bravo “Tip or Pay” app has been a very good friend to Middle Age Miles over the past couple of years. It’s a P2P payment app that allows an app user to pay another user without the exchange of telephone numbers or other personal information, for a modest fee.

Bravo’s founders even made an appearance on Shark Tank as they launched their business and accepted an investment of $150,000 from Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

Hector Rodriguez and Maria Luna of Bravo, making their pitch on “Shark Tank”

Without going into detail, as you might imagine, we’ve found some very helpful use cases for Bravo. We blogged about some of them last summer in our “Manufactured Spend Data Points” series.

Today, quite unfortunately, it appears that our good friend Bravo may be gone for good.

It Doesn’t Look Good for Bravo

A little more than a month ago, we noticed some issues with our Bravo payments. Ordinarily, payments were delivered and deposited into our Bravo payment “receiving” bank accounts within 2-3 business days, like clockwork. However, we noticed that it was taking extra time for some payments to be delivered. Our longest delay ended up being in the range of 8-10 days, but within a couple of weeks all of our payments were caught up, and processing returned to normal. Up through yesterday, we were back to several weeks of payments coming through on a full and timely basis.

This morning, we noticed an issue with our Bravo “payment” account. We’ve had similar issues in the past, and generally they could be corrected by logging out of the Bravo app and back in, re-booting our phone, or the like – the standard approaches to getting a glitchy app back into gear.

But today, after we logged out, we couldn’t log back in to Bravo. On the surface, the issue looked like a technical error. Here’s what we saw:

Although it looked like a technical error, we worried that we had been shut down. Our fears intensified when we clicked the “Forgot Password?” link but never received an email from Bravo.

This afternoon, we investigated further. We were still never able to log in to our Bravo account. We checked with a friend who uses Bravo regularly, and he also was unable to log in.

And in the worst sign of all, when we went to Bravo’s website (www.trybravo.com), here’s what we saw:

Webpage display from visiting www.trybravo.com on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 5, 2020

We haven’t seen anything in the press about Bravo. Perhaps it’s just a temporary issue, but we’re not seeing much reason for optimism.

On the bright side, Bravo made payments into our bank account this morning, and worst case scenario, we have a little less than $500 tied up in process. That’s a loss that will sting, but it could be much worse.

We certainly wish everyone at Bravo all the best. If this is the end, know that you’ve been a good friend to Middle Age Miles.

Do you have any information on Bravo? If so, please let us know in the Comments!

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8 thoughts on “[Update: Probably a False Alarm; Seems to Be Working Again] Is Bravo Dead?

  1. Grant

    Seems like a technical issue. Have you reached out to Bravo on social media (FB and Twitter) to see what is going on with their website and app?

  2. Sue

    I probably killed it. Lol. I am still logged into my account, though. I had so many problems with getting the money into the bank account. I uploaded a VGC, it went through the Bravo process, but wouldn’t deposit. Then they put me through the security process where I had to prove who I am. During that process they refunded the VGC. So when they gave me the go ahead, I processed it again. And again it was days and it wasn’t deposited. During all of this I would send messages through their support desk and it would always take them one 24 hour period to respond to me. This went on for weeks with them parceling out another tiny step I needed to take. In the end, they said the second processing of the VGC came from a Panamanian number. And once again, the security team had to look at it because they don’t allow overseas processing of any kind. Of course, I wasn’t in Panama. They finally came back and said they would have to provide a refund. That was taking days, so I took to Twitter to call them out on their own security, inferring their own processing got hacked by someone in Panama. Got the refund a few hours later. Needless to say I’ve not used them again.

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Thanks for letting me know. Things are looking better within the past couple of hours. Hopefully it was just a one-day glitch. I just updated my article.

      Hope you guys are doing well and staying healthy! ~Craig

      1. Stephen

        Yep, we’re good thanks – hope you’re enjoying your new place. Glad you have time to post again now – we’ve all missed your posts 🙂

  3. Brett Hamilton

    I just tried it and it won’t work for me. Last payment I sent a few weeks ago never made, just showed pending for 10 days. The money was left on the VGC. I have never done much on Bravo though, just a few hundred. Hopefully it is not dead. Nonetheless thanks for sharing this trick. Most people in MS don’t know about Bravo. I felt privileged to have a trick up my sleeve!

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hey Brett – I apologize for the delayed response. I hope your Bravo issues have sorted themselves out. Things briefly went back to normal for me, but I haven’t done anything on Bravo for the past few days. It’s definitely been a great resource over the past couple of years! I hope you’re doing ok and surviving the coronavirus crisis. ~Craig

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