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Bravo: Business As Usual – Prior Issue Was a Temporary Glitch

bravo app business as usual

Recently, in response to some serious issues we were encountering, we published an article expressing grave concern about whether one of our very good friends, the Bravo app, had died:

About a month has passed since that article. We’re now delighted to report that after a day or two of technical issues, Bravo has been working well and consistently now for the past month.

We have made numerous P2P payments using Bravo over the past few weeks, and payments have been deposited into the “recipient” bank account within Bravo’s normal 2-3 business day delivery window. It’s business as usual, and we have become comfortable using the Bravo app again.

We’ll also take this opportunity to send a few reminders about best practices for using Bravo:

  • No more than $500 in payments to any person on a single day
    • This includes the 2% payment processing fee
    • Remember that Bravo’s processing day ends in the early evening, so be aware of this in considering the $500/day threshold (you can check your Transaction History to see what day your payment processed)
    • It doesn’t seem to be a problem to pay more than one other person up to $500/day
  • If you have a new account, be sure to season it before ramping up to $500/day
    • It’s best to start your account with a few smaller payments using a Visa or Mastercard credit card or a real debit card as the funding source, then gradually increase the payments
    • Then, you can try using a Visa or Mastercard gift card as a payment funding source
  • Also, if you’re starting off with a new Bravo account, you’ll want to know that Bravo has strict verification processes that you’ll have to pass before making any payments
  • Bravo doesn’t work for international payments – if any part of your transaction is outside the US (your location when sending, the location of the recipient, or anything else), your transaction will fail and you may have long-term problems with your account

We’re very happy that Bravo’s issues were temporary and that it’s business as usual again. As we’ve said many times, Bravo is a good friend to Middle Age Miles, and it can be a good friend to you too, if you treat it carefully.

What are your recent experiences on Bravo? Everything working fine for you as well? Please let us know in the Comments!

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3 thoughts on “Bravo: Business As Usual – Prior Issue Was a Temporary Glitch

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Beechy – Thanks so much for asking about a referral link for Bravo. I don’t believe they have a referral program at the moment, and I don’t think they’ve had one in quite a while. The last time I looked, they still had a spot to enter a code upon sign-up, though. My Bravo user ID is o9t4 if you want to try it. I really appreciate it.

      And yes, all safe here. Hope you and yours are healthy and doing well too! ~Craig

  1. Grant

    Good update Craig, I guess I will need to look into Bravo. Should the primary account I sign up with be linked to my sending or receiving checking account? I guess I will need to sign up / set up 2 accounts, right?

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