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Bravo: “Upgraded Experience” Coming Soon

bravo tip or pay app upgraded experience coming soon

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the points-and-miles world, it’s that “enhancements” and “upgraded experiences” don’t really seem to bring good news very often.

So, we’re on pins and needles today in the wake of a “teaser” email we received from Bravo that promises “an upgraded experience coming soon.”

There are no further details in the Bravo email message. A close examination of the on-phone image in the email suggests that Bravo may be expanding its platform to make it more social media-like, more interactive. The Bravo website also displays “teaser” graphics with no additional information. Bravo’s Twitter page (@Bravo_Pay) doesn’t shed any new light, either, although it’s interesting to note that NFL star Richard Sherman seems to be an “ambassador” for Bravo’s “#youandme campaign and has re-tweeted Bravo’s short teaser video. A quick scan of Bravo’s recent Twitter posts suggests a continued focus on Bravo’s original mission of helping musical artists get paid through app-based tips.

We don’t see an announcement of any timetable for Bravo’s “upgraded experience” listed anywhere, other than “coming soon.”

Hopefully, whatever changes are in store for Bravo won’t negatively impact its heretofore core function of facilitating P2P payments. Bravo’s new “Explore * Pay * Earn” slogan at least implies that key “pay” and “earn” functionality may remain intact. These P2P capabilities have certainly made Bravo a very good and valuable friend of Middle Age Miles over the past couple of years. We hope it remains that way – fingers crossed!

Do you have any further information about Bravo’s forthcoming “upgraded experience”? If so, please let us know in the Comments! (Or, send us a DM on Twitter @MiddleAgeMiles1) Thanks!

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