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2019 Trip Report – Swiss Alps & the Tour de France – Overview

2019 trip report swiss alps tour de france overview
Middle Age Miles at the Matterhorn

Exactly 1 year ago, Middle Age Miles set out on a fantastic trip to Switzerland and France. We set up a trip report and published a couple of articles, but we never got around to completing the report. A few days ago, we received a comment from reader Greg, asking if we’d complete the report. We’d already been thinking about doing that, on the 1-year anniversary of the trip, but Greg’s comment gave us the nudge we needed to get it done. So, over the course of the next few days, we’ll do a skinnied-down set of articles about what was a wonderful and very special trip. Let’s hope that it can provide something of a guide for future trips to this beautiful area of the world, after we beat the coronavirus pandemic!

In July 2019, Middle Age Miles spent a spectacular and exciting 11 days in Switzerland & France. The Switzerland portion of the trip focused on exploring the remarkable Swiss Alps and enjoying the spectacular views there, while the France portion fulfilled a bucket list item by taking us to 2 stages of the Tour de France cycling race.

This trip presented a rare opportunity for Philly and me to travel with oldest Middle Age Miles son Zack and his wife Erin. Zack & Erin have traveled extensively, from the time they both did a college semester abroad in Australia and throughout their adult lives. They have about 40 countries under their belts, but they’d never been to Switzerland together. And one of our Swiss destinations, Mt. Pilatus, was a place that we had loved, and Philly especially wanted Zack & Erin to visit it.

Middle Age Miles with Zack & Erin atop Mt. Pilatus in Switzerland

Once we chose our dates – bridging the 4th of July holiday, to help those who have full-time jobs (that is, everyone besides me!) get the most vacation time with the fewest days off – we then realized that the Tour de France would be in eastern France during the last few days of our scheduled trip. All of us, save for Erin, are huge Tour de France fans, so this presented quite an amazing opportunity for us. We adjusted the last few days of our expected itinerary to jump over into France, to see the world’s greatest cycling race, which is also one of the sporting world’s most epic events.

Finally, we all ended up flying home from Paris, which gave us a unique chance to spend a night at the lovely Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace in Versailles.

As it turns out, the timing of our trip with Zack & Erin was perfect. Shortly after this trip, we learned that they were pregnant with our first grandchild. And a couple of months ago, we welcomed our granddaughter Sophia into the world. As you can see below, she’s a beauty. We’ll look forward to introducing her to some Middle Age Miles travel adventures as soon as we can!

Philly with the lovely Middle Age Miles granddaughter Sophia

Since most of us are homebound at the moment, or at least US-contained, we hope you enjoy our trip report from days gone by and gain inspiration for travel abroad in a virus-contained future world.

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