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Middle Age Miles – Our Mission

Craig and Philly at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris

This article is part of our “About Middle Age Miles” series.

At Middle Age Miles, our mission is to help you live your dreams through travel and points.  We want to accomplish that mission by providing an informative blog and an engaging website.

Middle Age Miles is, first and foremost, directed to people who have worked hard and want to travel the world, who aren’t afraid to spend money but want to get great value for it.  It will provide information on travel destinations and the nuts-and-bolts of getting places and enjoying time there.  We like to attend big events, so expect content on event travel as well as destinations.  We are active when we travel, and we are runners, so we will provide some content on active traveling and enjoying destinations through running.  The blog will also have a particular focus on loyalty programs and rewards such as frequent flyer programs, hotel programs, and credit card rewards.  It will appeal to beginner travelers, and it is also designed to provide detailed information that is useful to serious miles-and-points hobbyists.

We hope you enjoy Middle Age Miles, and we look forward to helping you live your dreams through travel and points!

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