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How to Get Started

Our first big credit card/points-and-miles redemption was at the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua, where we arrived to this spectacular view!

Middle Age Miles wants to help everyone achieve their travel dreams for the best value possible.  Some of the tools we use are “points and miles” loyalty programs and credit card programs and benefits.  The rules of these programs can be complex, nuanced and intimidating.

We know that many people reading our website will be beginners.  We also understand that many (most?) of the people reading our website will crave simplicity.  We certainly want to help all of you travel and get the best value possible.  For this reason, we’ll strive to have content that’s relevant and helpful to people who have limited time to devote to credit card & loyalty programs, or who just want to keep things simple.  (We’ll also have advanced strategies and content for those who want to dive deep into maximizing loyalty program benefits, and those who are hobbyists in “points and miles” adventures.)

To that end, Middle Age Miles has prepared a series of articles on “How to Get Started” with Credit Cards, Points and Miles.  We intend for these articles to be concise summaries that will be incredibly informative to newcomers to the “points and miles” world, and also good resources and refreshers for everyone.

When we started out in the “points and miles” world, we really didn’t know what we were doing.  In hindsight, there are plenty of things we would have done differently.  So for our readers, we are writing the guide that we wish we’d had when we started out ourselves.

Our “How to Get Started” with Credit Cards, Points and Miles series includes:

We hope you enjoy our “How to Get Started” series.  Best wishes from Middle Age Miles on getting started on your travel dreams!

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