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Point Values & Transfer Partners

Having an understanding of point and mile values can help you decide whether it’s a better deal to pay cash or use points and miles for your trip – Philly & I used American AAdvantage miles to fly business class to Rome for our Italian vacation!

When you are earning points and miles and considering possible redemptions, it is critically important to have a general understanding of the value of those points and miles.  All points and miles are not created equal!  For example, in the hotel world, 1 Hyatt point is undoubtedly worth far more than 1 Hilton point.  [That said, a dollar of spend at a Hilton hotel earns far more Hilton points than a dollar of spend at a Hyatt hotel earns in Hyatt points.  Thus, a dollar of spend at Hilton may earn more total value than a dollar of spend at Hyatt; that is a different calculation.]

To help readers with a sense of point and mile values, Middle Age Miles provides a baseline value for all major points and miles currencies – credit card points, airline miles and hotel points.  We firmly believe that precision in assigning values is impossible, as different points and miles have different values according to a traveler’s priorities, and reasonable methods of calculating value can vary widely.  Our values, therefore, are focused on assigning a “baseline” value to each points and miles currency – that is, a value that readers should be able to generally obtain without too much trouble, as a baseline.  Actual redemption values may be significantly higher than these baselines, depending on the quality of the redemption.  There is no pure mathematical formula for these baseline valuations; rather, Middle Age Miles uses its research in the industry and its experience in formulating its values.

On a similar topic, the major credit card points currencies from Amex, Chase and Citi (and for one credit card, for Barclays) can be transferable to specific airline and hotel points programs.  Knowing which credit card points can be transferred to which airline and hotel programs can be crucial to obtaining the best value for your credit card points.  Thus, Middle Age Miles includes charts to help you understand your points transfer options at a glance.

Middle Age Miles includes the following resources for point and mile values and transfer partners:

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