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Hotel Baseline Point Values & Transfer Partners

One of our favorite hotel point redemptions was for the Westin in Calgary, for Calgary Stampede – a Stampede mini-parade stopped right in front of the hotel!

Hotel Baseline Point Values & Transfer Partners

Hotel Loyalty ProgramBaseline Value
(Cents Per Point)
Transfer Partners
(1:1 unless otherwise shown)
Best Western Rewards0.4[None]
Choice Privileges0.6Amex MR
Hilton Honors0.45Amex MR (1:2)
Hyatt (World of Hyatt)1.5Chase UR
IHG Rewards Club0.45Chase UR
iPrefer (Preferred Hotels)0.2[None]
Marriott Bonvoy0.67Chase UR
Radisson Rewards0.4[None]
Wyndham Rewards0.7[None]

Discussion of Hotel Point Values

When you are earning points and miles and considering possible redemptions, it is critically important to have a general understanding of the value of those points and miles.  All points and miles are not created equal!  For example, in the hotel world, 1 Hyatt point is undoubtedly worth far more than 1 Hilton point.  [That said, a dollar of spend at a Hilton hotel earns far more Hilton points than a dollar of spend at a Hyatt hotel earns in Hyatt points.  Thus, a dollar of spend at Hilton may earn more total value than a dollar of spend at Hyatt; that is a different calculation.]

To help readers with a sense of hotel point values, Middle Age Miles provides a baseline value for the major hotel points currencies.  We firmly believe that precision in assigning values is impossible, as different points and miles have different values according to a traveler’s priorities, and reasonable methods of calculating value can vary widely.  Our values, therefore, are focused on assigning a “baseline” value to each hotel points currency – that is, a value that readers should be able to generally obtain without too much trouble, as a baseline.  Actual redemption values may be significantly higher than these baselines, depending on the quality of the redemption (or dramatically lower, for the uninformed!).  There is no pure mathematical formula for these baseline valuations; rather, Middle Age Miles uses its research in the industry and its experience in formulating its values.

In addition, two major credit card points currencies – Amex Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards can be transferable to specific hotel points programs. Transferring Amex MR and Chase UR points to hotel programs is almost uniformly a poor value, with a couple of exceptions – one, transfers from Chase UR points to Hyatt points can often be a good value as long as you have a specific redemption in mind; and two, transfers to top off a hotel point account to reach the level needed for a reward, or to keep a point balance from expiring, can be reasonable choices if the quantities of transferred points are small.

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