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Amex Offers Explained

Amex Offers Explained

Amex Offers are special offers attached to your Amex cards.  You can find them if you scroll down to the bottom of your home page after logging in to an Amex online account.  You’ll want to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click “View All” to see all of your current Offers.  Each offer is listed with an “Add to Card” link to the right.  If you click the “>” arrow on the left, you can see the Details and Offer Terms for each offer.

Amex Offers are card-specific – that is, they are attached specifically to a particular Amex card.  Amex recently changed its rules so that you can add an Offer to only one Amex card per person.  Amex seems to enforce this limitation by social security number, so a single Amex Offer can only be added to one card associated with one social security number.  There are a few exceptions, but it’s generally one Offer per human, regardless of the number or type of cards you hold.

Most Amex Offers take the form of a certain amount of statement credit after a certain amount of spend.  Some Offers also have a version where you can earn a certain number of Amex Membership Rewards (MR) points if you spend at least a certain amount.  Generally, the number of MR points is 100x the amount of the statement credit.  For example, for an Offer that gives $50 in statement credit for $250 spend, the corresponding MR Offer would give 5,000 MR points if you spend at least $250.  MR-earning Offers can appear on any MR-earning Amex card; however, we most often see MR-earning Offers on Platinum cards.

Here is an example of a “statement credit” Amex Offer:

And here is the corresponding MR-earning Offer – note that it’s for the same hotels, but you receive Amex MR points instead of statement credit:

Sometimes, Amex treats MR-earning Offers as different offers than corresponding “statement credit” offers, so it may be possible to add a “statement credit” Offer to one of your cards and a corresponding MR-earning Offer to another card, if each type of Offer is available to you. However, other times, enrolling in one type of Offer – “statement credit” or MR-earning – will foreclose you from enrolling in a corresponding Offer of the other type. We’re not aware of any way to know this in advance. So, if you have cards with corresponding “statement credit” and MR-earning Offers, be sure to enroll in the type of Offer you prefer first.

Whether you prefer a “statement credit” Offer or an MR-earning Offer depends on how you value MR points.  If you value MR points at more than 1 cent per point (and we do; given that we can redeem MR points for at least 1.54 cents per point of value for flights purchased through the Amex Travel Portal), then you should prefer the MR-earning Offer.

You must add the offer to your card first, and then use that same card in order to receive the statement credit or MR points (and satisfy all of Amex’s terms and conditions for the particular offer).  For the most part, Amex Offers are limited to use in the United States (although we have seen some other location-specific Offers, such as Offers for us in the UK or in Australia).

Frankly, Amex Offers can be hard to keep up with, and they’ve become less valuable recently due to the new one-Offer-per-human restriction.  But if you can remember to register for them and use them, they can be very valuable tools to save money and accumulate additional Amex MR points for your travels!

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