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Trip Report – Aug 2018 Dubrovnik (in progress)

Middle Age Miles in Dubrovnik, with the walled fortress of Old Town in the background

In August 2018, Middle Age Miles and crew fulfilled a long-standing bucket list destination by visiting the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Besides Philly and me, the travel party for this trip included daughter Katie, son Andrew, and my sister Cymber.  Although Dubrovnik was our primary destination, we ventured to several other places on this trip, including Prague, Czech Republic; Kotor, Montenegro; Ston, Croatia; and Trebinje, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

This idea for this summer holiday originated when Katie was accepted into an international study abroad program in Prague.  In the program, she would intern for a half-day at the very nice Intercontinental Hotel in Prague, then have a half-day of class.  We wanted to meet her at the conclusion of her program to get a taste of her experience in Prague, then venture out to an accessible European destination for the bulk of our trip (since we had already recently visited Prague).  After considering a dozen or more possibilities, we chose Dubrovnik, a place that had captivated me ever since I learned of it.

We had a very active trip to Dubrovnik and the other places we visited, and we’re happy to report our tips and experiences from the trip.  Please enjoy this Trip Report, Our Summer Holiday in Dubrovnik and Beyond:

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