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Trip Report – Jan 2019 Las Vegas (complete)

It’s Vegas Week at Middle Age Miles!

In December 2018 and January 2019, Middle Age Miles took two trips to Las Vegas. The first visit in December was a four-day trip to celebrate the 21st birthdays of some of the Middle Age Miles kids. And the second visit in January was a last-minute date weekend for Philly and me. The two trips were quite different, and both were very fun.

Along the way, we stayed in 4 different Las Vegas Strip hotels and learned a ton about getting great hotel deals in Vegas. We wanted to share all of this information with Middle Age Miles readers. The Trip Report is called “It’s Vegas Week at Middle Age Miles!” but we had so much to tell, it lasted about 4 weeks!

So, here you go with our Trip Report – It’s Vegas Week at Middle Age Miles!:

In addition, we have another article from a few months earlier that we wanted to re-highlight here as it fits right into this Las Vegas Trip Report:

We hope you enjoy these articles and use them to get great deals and have lots of fun on your next trip to Las Vegas!

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2 thoughts on “Trip Report – Jan 2019 Las Vegas (complete)

  1. stephen

    Good write up. I just matched my hyatt discoverist to mlife pearl. Visiting vegas soon. Do I need to spend the full $3000 to get mlife gold or does the pearl I matched from hyatt give some tier points?

    1. Craig at Middle Age Miles Post author

      Hi Stephen – Thanks for the compliment, congrats on your match to MLife Pearl, and good question. Unfortunately, you don’t get any “credit” for already having Pearl status; you’ll still have to earn the full 75k in tier credits to reach MLife Gold status (which, as you correctly note, can be achieved solely by spending $3k).

      Remember to charge all of your food & drinks to your room to maximize tier credit earning. Same with tickets you buy for any show at an MGM property and any other sundries and such that can be charged to your room. Also, of course, tier credits can be earned when you gamble.

      I hope our other articles about getting benefits by booking through Chase LHRC are helpful to you. Alternatively, there are new Amex Offers for MGM properties that can help save money.

      I hope you have an awesome trip to Vegas – good luck!!! ~Craig

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